Beasts & Breasts - Rachael the Egyptian Priestess by lil_dredre

Beasts & Breasts - Rachael the Egyptian Priestess


26 June 2020 at 23:14:16 MDT

I love Hayakain's designs for when it comes to fantasy settings so I wanted to try something new! Trying to come up with classes of characters that my OCs would be, and seeing what they would look like!

Here we have my Anubian Jackal character Rachael as an Egyptian Priestess! I see her kind of being like a mage, and sporting several offensive and defensive spells, with an Egyptian twist. ;3 If this was an RPG, I would make her special attack be being able to summon Anubis. X3

Art is by the fantastic Hayakain ( ), and check out his comic Ryugou at Swashbuckled comics!

Rachael belongs to lildredre lildredre