Mackenzie the Bard by lil_dredre

Mackenzie the Bard


18 November 2018 at 08:16:02 MST

After a bit of a hiatus, bringing back this series. X3
I love Hayakain's designs for when it comes to fantasy settings so I wanted to try something new! Trying to come up with classes of characters that my OCs would be, and seeing what they would look like!

First for today is a character I've been wanting to use for a bit, and kind of procrastinated. XD Here is Mackenzie the cheetah as a Bard! No fantasy game is complete without one, so if you want a bard with a big booty on your team, Mackenzie is your girl!

Art is by the fantastic Hayakain ( ), and check out his comic Ryugou at Swashbuckled comics!

Mackenzie belongs to lil_dredre lil_dredre