Bad Girl (by Jaeh) by lil_dredre

Bad Girl (by Jaeh)


4 March 2018 at 12:47:55 MST

Recently I won a commission raffle from Jaeh, and I felt so amazingly happy! I hope to one day see all of my characters in Jaeh's style, and right now, I got my white wolf character Luna. ^^

Hailing from Mexico, she's got a bit of a biker thing going on, along with anger issues and little respect for authority. She hardly smiles, wears a lot of leather and while she may seemed pissed almost all the time, she does have some soft spots. She's mainly an overprotective older sister, one who isn't afraid to get violent. XD

Jaeh did a fantastic job on Luna, this just absolutely blew my mind! From the slight see-through-ness on her top, to the spikes on her belt, to the shine of the leather over her thighs, this turned out absolutely amazing!

Art is by the one and only Jaeh ( )

Luna Santiago belongs to lil_dredre lil_dredre