Work in the Workshop by LilBryan

Work in the Workshop


2 February 2018 at 14:00:09 MST

Yawg of FA: and of Weasyl: fame outdid himself this time folks. This is a Pen and paper RPG character I play named Caryna Haidahl (Kah Ree Nah - Hie Dahl), from a six armed alien race that I created named the Hockx-Nah (Hox Gnaw). I play Rifts/Palladium, and she is a Techno-Wizard. The equipment, gems, and even attitude of the character in the picture is simply outstanding. Dear gods this is beyond amazing. I wish you could see the high resolution scan he sent me. So many details! Go visit the mans page! Give him money! Now!

Fun Fact (as stolen from Yawg): Every-time I went out to have a smoke during the stream while he drew this, he made her boobs bigger.

This time Caryna is back, with digitized line-work! More awesomeness added!