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ask LS by likeshine

ask LS


19 February 2014 at 16:10:27 MST

I finally got around to actually using the Ask section of my tumblr, and i thought it would be fun to have the replies be from LS the character. They're just wee sketches, of course.

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    wee sketches
    Oh dear, if those are wee sketches...! D:

    Puffy LS is puffy and feathery. (And trying to keep warm)

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      yeah, they're all sloppy and not inked. i was trying to do them pretty quick so they don't become huge time investments. The other 2 that i did are way more sketchy, actually XD

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    Hahaha, this is pure gold!

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    ...and here we see the rare Likeshine Pineapple...

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      yeah, it's not my finest neck poof drawing moment :/

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        Don't be so hard on yourself. It's adorable. :D

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    I thought pigeons just did that with their neck feathers to attract a mate, and aren't really any more absorbent than any other burd. We'll try anything as a flood defence right now though.

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    I saw these one my dash - they were cute! I wouldn't worry about it being "sloppy;' an ask tumblr wouldn't last long if every reply had to be super clean and polished. Just have fun! :D

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    I think il do that to i only need to let it draw it XD amazing pic hehe