Brer who? by likeshine

Brer who?


25 August 2015 at 13:52:09 MDT

I got it in my head that I was going to spoof the Splash Mountain ride poster, with FNAF characters. So I did a bunch of sketches and smooshed them all together here.

This is the poster btw -

Chica is not seen, but she'd occupy Mr Bluebird's place if included.

ETA- all of these sketches were referenced from characters from Splash Mountain/song of the south

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    OMG shine this is PERF. not only do I love SOS (I have it on laser disk wtf haha but also VHS) but I didn't even realize that the group is perfect for this being the 3 characters are a bear a fox and a rabbit XD LOVE IT and can't wait to see it! please also make it into a tee if possible!

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      thanks man ;________; i've got the warm fuzzies now!

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    yes GOOD

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    Having just been at disney and thusly at splash mountain I can firmly say: This. Is. Perfect.

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      I was in my bedroom, thinking of ideas to spoof/mashup.... and I actually have that poster hanging in my room. So it clicked! Thank you :>

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        You're welcome :D And its ironic how the characters are the same species and everything (save for chica)

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    YES. good.

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    I love song of the south wow ! I remember I had a teacher who used to read us the stories and made sure to read it just like from song of the south. The ride is great to.

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    Holy cow! I'd never even considered this kind of cross over. Very clever, and the styles are perfect!

    I guess Chika could be the blue bird from the song? snickers