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what is & isn't 2015 by likeshine

what is & isn't 2015


25 August 2015 at 13:48:15 MDT

I had started doing a little gallery tidying the other day, when I happened upon this:

I decided to redo it. It ain't great, but it's better at least!

PS - don't learn how to draw hyenas from me. Please don't!

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    Unless it's a painted hyena ^.^

    What, I can have a yeen/AWD hybrid if I want :p

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      But of course! I mean more like, the people at the zoo standing in front of the sign that says AWD, and telling their children to look at the hyenas. Stuff like that.

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        Yeah, I get you c: I do the deep side-eye with that too, cause they don't even look alike?

        It's like... okay, I watch Ink Master, and the one girl wanted cheetah fur tattooed. They did leopard fur and NO ONE MENTIONED IT.


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    the only thing they have in common with most hyenas is powerful bite (stronger than hyenas from what i learned recently actually!) and native origins. though fun thing; shuold also add in for the aardwolf "not a wolf!" (have seen people trying to call both aardwolf and maned wolf both "wolf" cuz its in species name...)

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    I'm glad you took care to clarify these! I've also seen hilarious mistakes. Such as a t-shirt with image of spotted hyena, labeled... brown hyena. Probably just because the image was brown in color!
    And elsewhere, there were people claiming that brown hyena is a fictional species.
    Or the other way around, a striped hyena tattoo labeled as "wild dog". O_o

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    Hidden clue is hidden :)

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    Those hyena faces are just so cute!

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    I should have you draw neon again for me but alas i i can afford is an art trade TT_TT