Well hello there, and welcome to my Weasyl profile! My real name is [REDACTED], but call me Light, Lucree... Or whatever you like that's nice and cool-sounding! I'm very much new here, so don't mind me while I set up! I'll be cross-posting some of my works from deviantArt to here; after that, new submissions will be much more sporadic as I get used to the place and find my groove.

Anyway... I write, I draw, I have an ongoing project called the BURST Saga, and I have a tendency to be inactive and lazy at times with random bursts of inspiration (no pun intended there, promise). My dream is to become famous (but isn't that everyone's dream?) and to have my series be a successful franchise!

Also, I'm Roleplay Friendly! Ask me if you wanna roleplay sometime, and I'll hook you up to my usual roleplay haunts!

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So... Up for some RP?

on 10 May 2019 at 17:31:59 MDT

My second journal here, and I'm in a pretty good mood! Why, you ask? Because I've been having fun perusing a site for roleplay! Friendly community, lots of ways you can roleplay, and the admin is really sweet and friendly too! We just had our latest Epic Week, which celebrates the site's birthday every year, and that was really fun!

But yeah, I'n definitely more active there than here, but this place is amazing too! However, if you're looking for a decent RP haunt, then RP Repository is definitely the place to go! Why not check it out?

RP Repository Home Page

Other than that, I do still have some artworks to cross post over here. I'm still very much in love with this place, I'm just easing my way back into my usual grind.

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