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Denatured Chapter 6, Page 14 by LightLuxCollie

Denatured Chapter 6, Page 14


...Bad Dog.


You can also read today's comic page here.

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    Faye used Night Slash! It's Super Effective! :P

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    Wow. i'm amazed with this page . Everything related combines well. I have no words to describe how much talent you have.

    Also i have a question for you if you don't mind

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      Thank you! And sure, what did you want to ask?

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        you're welcome. About the comic. What's exactly about?

        Can i download it for reading if is ok? Where i can download it?

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          You can read through the whole comic on my site.

          As for what it’s about, heh, it’s an utterly ridiculous story about a young human male high school football athlete named Flynn Fletcher. He is chosen by the spirit of a celestial wolf to inherit her divine powers in order to save the world from an evil dragon from hell. Unfortunately for Flynn, inheriting her powers results in him being turned into a female wolf girl against his will. Now (S)he has to learn how to harness her powers, deal with the ridiculousness of becoming an anthro wolf girl, all while still attending high school and oh and by the way gets roped into becoming a cheerleader.

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            Wow. That's really awesome. Thank you so much, honestly. i'm sure i will enjoy it