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Flamewar Commission For Anonymous by LightLuxCollie

Flamewar Commission For Anonymous


Commission done for Anonymous.

Where do I even begin on this one? This was orginally part of a TF someone had commissioned. Of which I failed miserably after immediatly realizing I had zero patience and capacity to draw something with lots of mechanical details. I did finish what was supposed to be the final pic in the sequence. So I guess you could call this a post TF/TG.

Just for the record. I probably am going to take anything mechanical off my list of will draws for TF. I can draw a robot if it's simple in design like this. But the TF sequence was something that required tons a detailed mechanical parts and shit I just didn't know anything about or desire to draw.

Oh and the Transformer character Flamewar, I looked everywhere online and she has like a million different versions of her and not one single consistent reference image. So for any Transformers fans wondering why she looks like this. This one is bascially an amalgamation of whatever I could find online. It's almost like Hasbro intentionally makes it hard to draw her because they don't want fan art circulating.

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