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Faron Fursuit by Lightheart

Faron Fursuit


14 April 2015 at 08:30:55 MDT

Faron is an arctic fox with attitude, sporting a floofy pompadour! This suit was created 100% by me with the exception of using a resin mask by Dreamvision Creations, and artistic guidance and support from my friends The Slipper Troll and FuzziMutt Creations. Also a huge thanks to East Coast Otaku Cosplay for the lovely photos! Faron was debuted at FWA 2015 this past weekend.

Future plans for Faron include a leather jacket and adding eyebrows to tone down his ferocity a bit smile emoticon

Submission Information

Visual / Sewing / Knitting


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    Very cool! :D

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      Long time no talk! I hope you are still doing awesome!

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        Hihi! I'm doing alright~ Been in such an art funk for so long, though. :< At least I've been getting around to some gaming I've been meaning to do! XD; (I have so many games that I've started and never finished. @___@;;; )
        How've you been? ^^

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          Slaving away over this costume! A small break now, working on my craftroom, then starting on my next! Busy busy busy busy.

          And no bueno about the art funk. Sad times :(

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            Oh, what's your next project? :D
            Yah, hoping to get out of that soon, I miss having fun drawing. :(
            I'm hoping to make a kigurumi for myself soon! Shiny Zangoose, yeeeeeesssssss~ (Pokémon)