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Pinkie Pie Fursuit by Lightheart

Pinkie Pie Fursuit


20 January 2014 at 00:31:54 MST

After several months of handwork by four very talented people, and myself, here is our first ever fursuit - Pinkie Pie. She is furred with Short-pile plush fur (Light Pink & Fuscia).

Pinkie Pie's bodysuit was constructed completely on a Lycra diveskin and contains no inserts. Each leg, arm, and hoof was build and sculpted directly to the lycra using medium-density upholstery foam. Furring was machine sewn as much as possible and hand sewn around the body. The tail was scaled to the proportion of the body, and after stuffing weighs 14 lbs! In order to accommodate this weight and keep the tail perky, a 4-point harness was constructed to go over my shoulders and loop around a belt. (The tail rig will actually be modified soon to make it more reliable, bouncier, and have a slightly more intended shape).

The head was constructed around a CoolSkin balaclava using high-density upholstery foam. The head was drawn flat on 2D and scaled proportionately to the body, keeping my head size in mind. The eyes were made from a Walmart trashcan, acrylic paint, white buckram, and felt. Inside the head is a single 9V fan, which will definitely be approved upon soon. The mane was scaled proportionately to the body and head, similar to the tail. A slight imperfection in the carving

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