Stuck by LicianDragon (critique requested)

Stuck (critique requested)


9 October 2018 at 11:03:44 MDT

Teren follows his mother, his scales itching with anticipation. He hurries after her, loping a few unbalanced steps on his hind feet before falling back down to all fours.

She smiles at him, and settles down, scattering a handful of dark brown seeds around her.
"Pay attention to what I'm doing. Feel my energy."

He nods and sits down watching intently.

The seeds sprout, growing tall and lush in a matter of moments. Bulbs swell at their tops, the stems holding strong against their weight. They pop open revealing dark purple flowers.

His mother focuses on one, the flower withering, and seed pod maturing. She plucks it and hands it to Teren.
"Focus on just a couple ok? You're not altering their form, just getting them to grow."

"Ok." He takes a deep breath and shakes a couple seeds out. Focusing his attention on them, he wills them to sprout and grow.

They split and crack, but so do all the other seeds from the pod. He wants to only grow a couple but it's like trying to pick up something too small for his claws. He can't focus down hard enough. With a growl he wills them to grow faster.

His mother sighs with a smile as the plants grow skinny, falling over and wilting.

Teren picks his paw up to step back, only to find a mass of plants had ground around it and his tail!
"Why can't I grow them like you?" He asks with a whine.

She laughs, "You will in time."

After all the time spent on this, I decided for a looser shading style. From here on out, I want to try shading first, then getting in color and detail last. Saving it for the end just seems to leave me frustrated and annoyed.
Per some great advice I got recently, I'm going to try adding a bit of story to my high detail drawings. If you have any critique on that or the art, please let me know!

14hrs using PS CC2015 on a Cintiq 22HD.

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