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Stuffed Under the Collar by Lichinthesystem

Sitting on their bed Clyde, a zinogre so tall a king sized mattress was just a bit too short, opened a plain white box. Inside were two collars, one larger than the other but perfect mirrors in every other way. Smiling to themself Clyde took the larger collar and put it on, struggling abit with the buckle. After a few minutes it snapped together and lit up, small runes etched on the sides glowing white before turning into the same soft blue as their fur. These collars supposedly transfered whatever someone ate to another, originally designed to help the seriously injured meet their dietary needs. Though far less noble, Clydes plan relied on these things working.

"That was easy enough, now for the hard part." They thought. With the second collar in hand Clyde did their best to move down the hall without a sound. Sliding from one foot to another they found themself in the living room of their apartement, aswell as a certain purple mutt napping on the couch. Jerome laid in tranquil peace, a signiture smirk on their face. Creeping up from behind Clyde winced at the whine of a floorboard. "Shit..." Frozen in place Clyde watched as their friend stirred in their slumber, sighing with releif as Jerome settled once again.

Careful not to brush against them with their meaty claws Clyde slipped the collar on Jeromes neck, watching as the runes shifted from black to indigo. Perfect.

Chuckling through their nose Clyde brushed off his hands, their plan now in motion.

Walking over to the kitchen the zinogre went on to phase two, pulling out plates and bowls of leftovers and bags apon bags of chips and other snacks. The sight of this feast alone made their belly growl, drawing their attention downward.

Clyde had always been larger than most, easily towering over everyone they meet being a 9 feet brick of pure muscle. But now that muscle was softer, rounder. Hidden beneath a solid 5 inches of chub. They blushed slightly patting their middle, feeling the pudge jostle slightly under their touch.

Hearing Jerome snore from across the room Clyde remembered all the little tricks the mutt played to get them like this. Heaps of sugar in their drinks and mountains of butter on their food was only half of it. How Jerome managed to find fattening soap was beyond them, but that didn't matter. It was time they had a taste of their own medicine. With their steel resolved Clyde got to work, starting with thick slabs of ham and potatoes. Each bite of the pork was heaven, it's savory flavour complemented perfectly by the earthy starch. Meaty juice flooded his taste buds like fine wine, pulling on a hunger they didn't realize was there. But the hunger went unanswered.

With each hearty gulp the collar around Clydes neck pulsed with light, transporting the food going down their throat into Jeromes stomach. Though Clyde couldn't see their sleeping friends belly expanding they could hear it faintly churning, bubbling as slice after slice fell inside. Lickingng the plate clean they went on with their feast, grinning in anticipation for when Jerome woke up.


It had been an hour or so since Clyde began, and though they were far from full their jaw begged them to stop, throbbing in sore protest. Rubbing their cheek to ease the pain Clyde whistled looking over their progress. They'd managed to eat everything they pulled out, emptying the pantry and fridge in the progress. If these collars worked like they were supposed to Jerome should be a varifiable blimp by now!

Checking in on them Clyde blinked in shock, amazed by what laid before them.

The mutts once chubby belly had blown up into a perfect sphere, packed tight as a drum and as wide as a beachball. Its happy growls had turned into moans as it struggled to contain everything Clyde had packed in. Jeromes shirt had been pushed all the way up to their chest, and the button of their pants was now somewhere on the floor. If they didn't know any better they might've worried that they'd gone too far. But this was Jerome, so the look of utter satasfied pleasure was no surprise. Smiling themself Clyde bent down to take off the collar, giving Jeromes tum a friendly pat before sneaking back into their room.


Waking with a groan Jerome rubbed their eyes, yawning before pushing themself up. Or trying to, atleast.

"Gahuh, what?" They stuttered, shaking their head before trying again, to no avail. "Huh?!" Finally looking down the mutts jaw dropped at the sight of his middle. Taunt as a balloon and heavy as an anchor, Jeromes face flushed red as the pressure finally dawned on them. "What in the world?"

As if on cue Clyde walked down the hall with a glass in hand, holding back a laugh at the sight of Jeromes face.

"Morning sunshine, took you a while-woah!" They stopped, feigning surprise as they stared at their friends bolbous gut. "You didn't empty out the fridge again did you?"

"N-no! I just woke up like this!" Struggling to get up they whimpered before asking for a hand. "Did you do this!"

"No," Clyde lied pulling them up to their feet. "I've been in my room all day. And I doubt someone broke in to stuff you like a thankgiving turkey."

"So what? I blew up from magic?" Jerome scoffed, their blush growing deeper as they struggled to pull down their shirt no no avail; its bright pink fabric unable to reach any further down than the cyan stripe under their chest.

"It wouldn't be the first time," they shrugged before pointing to the kitchen "but I think I've got a clue." Following their finger Jerome gasped at the sight of the kitchen, it's counters covered in plates, bags and crumbs. "You know how you get the munchies sometimes after getting up from a nap? I'm starting to think that belly of yours got tired of waiting for you to get up."

"I... Guess that makes sense?" Jerome looked down scratching the back of their neck. Were they really sleep eating? They'd never done that before, not to their knowledge atleast.

"Come on, let's clean that up!" Clyde cheered, snapping them out of their train of thought. "If I'm lucky you left something for me to eat."

"Oh, um, y-yeah"


Clyde only intended to use the collars once or twice, certain their friend would catch them red handed. But dispite the sudden bouts of sleep stuffing Jerome continued to sleep soundly napping on the couch, showing less and less concern each time they woke up boasting a stuffed belly. And Clyde had to admit it was fun getting to eat as much as he wanted while restoring his figure.

Flexing in the mirror they grinned, pleased with the fruits of their labor. Their biceps bulged with the slightest flex, and their belly was back to a smooth flat set of abs. Pulling a tank top on over their head they stepped out of the bathroom and into the living room, finding their chubby mutt dozing off on the couch again. Their belly was huge even empty now, too big for any of their shirts to contain. Their pants were in a similar state, struggling to hold together over Jeromes plump rump. Chuckling to themself Clyde pulled the pair of collars out of their pocket and slipped them onto themself and Jerome with practiced ease.

"Who's my chubby mutt?" Clyde asked patting Jeromes soft belly, teasing its surface with playful rubs.

"I..... I am..." Jerome mumbled, blushing in their sleep as their tail wagged and their belly gurgled, ready for its mid-nap snack.

Stuffed Under the Collar


Clyde the Zinogre comes into ownership of two special collars, much to the detrement of their friend Jerome.

My part of a trade with Seatmutt on twitter

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