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Stuffing Stream by Lichinthesystem

"Alright, that should be everything." Percival said dusting off his hands. The maroon wolf had spent the last hour moving his streaming set up from the bedroom to the living room, his camera sitting on a pile of books and his laptop resting on a stool he borrowed from the kitchen. "You sure you're ok with me streaming here? I can move somewhere private if you're uncomfortable with this stuff."

Across the room sat an otter in a chair, balancing a textbook on the chairs arm and his own laptop on his lap. The otter, named Clyde, shook his head. Gesturing in Percivals general direction he gave a thumbs up, then shrugged.

"Thanks man, you're the best!" Rolling his eyes with a smirk Clyde watched as Percival started his stream, eagerly waiting for his fans to log on. A few minutes later a good 20 or so entered the chat. "Howdy everyone! Sorry it's been awhile, but I'm back and bigger than ever!" He grinned, patting his belly for emphasis. Clyde tried not to stare as Percis gut jostled in his lap, a hairy dome of pudge that stood out like a basketball. A pair of heavy moobs rested on his belly, the sides poking out of his tight black tank top. Stretching his back Percival made a show of his belly falling out of his shirt, forcing it to ride up to his chest. "I've been keeping the tank nice and full, as you can see! Not that it's been hard with that new buffet down the street. Let me tell you-best fried chicken I've ever had."

Clyde had to agree, having watched his friend stuff himself silly every time they ate there. The chicken was always seasoned to perfection, a blend of spices neither could identify making the meat proverbial heaven. The otter loved how soft the chicken was and Perci loved the crunch of the breading. Shaking his head Clyde returned to his work as Percival continued entertaining, pulling off his shirt before giving the camera a close up of his plump chest.

It continued like this for twenty minutes, Perci unknowingly teasing both his audience and and friend with his body, groping his gut, chest and thighs like a baker kneading dough. Dispite his best efforts Clyde hadn't managed more than a few sentences, too flustered to focus and unwilling to move. Perci went through the trouble of moving everything from the bedroom they now shared in respect of Clydes privacy. He didn't want to give his friend any more trouble. Besides, this was the best view in the house.

"Oh shoot! Thanks for the donation 'GrowGrowGrowXD', every cent you send'll be turned to pounds next time I eat!" Leaning close to the moniter Percival read the subtley named fans question. "How much can I eat? Well, depends on what I'm eating, you know? I can pack away tons in the tank, but it's easier if it's something REALLY good!" Licking his lips Perci looked to his right, eyeing the fridge standing by the door. "Stews an easy choice, though it's been awhile..... I could finish a good pot or two of the stuff, I think. Certainly big enough now."

Flipping a page of the textbook Clyde buried his face inside it, the thought of Percivals belly packed tight as a drum with broth and veggies sloshing and churning inside burning his face a scarlet red.

"Bet I can't eat six bags of chicken? Ha! Easy!" He grinned with foax cockiness. But then he frowned as the chat, now full of a hundred people, urged him to prove the commenter wrong. Stuffing streams were his favorite, but he wasn't sure if he'd be ok doing that infront of Clyde. Patient and sweet as he was, the two had only been rooming together for a month now, and that stuff was pretty intense...

Looking up for a moment he saw the otter shrug, giving him a look that screamed 'I don't care'.

Mouthing a thank you he clapped his hands, accepting the challenge to the joy of his viewers.

"Alright, then I'll make a quick call, and be back soon ready to stuff my face. Until then~" With that he heaved himself off the couch and with a practiced grace plopped his belly over the camera, burying it with his paunch.

Turning off the camera Percival ran into their bedroom, returning in better fitting clothes with his phone in hand. "I can get you something too if you like" He offered while stepping into his shoes. Taking a moment to consider, Clyde shook his head. He had left over sushi in the fridge, after all.

"Ok, I'll be back in a few then!"

It wasn't long until he was back with six bags with the buffets logo in his arms, each threatening to rip from the weight of the contents. Their sweet scent alone made Clyde half regret his decision, but the price alone steeled his resolve. Atleast the wolf could file it all under business expenses, assuming he could eat it all.

With the click of the button the stream resumed, the chat buzzing with excitement as Percival showed off his haul.

"So what do you think?" The chat was split, half certain could eat twice as much, while the other half doubted he wouldn't burst trying. "Well, there's only one way to find out...Let's eat!"

With that he got to work, wolfing down with the zeal of a starved beast. Clyde could hear every bite clear as crystal as fang broke through golden breading and tore through soft white meat, each gulp loud and heavy. Even across the room he could see each biteful petruding from Percis throat before disapearing beneath his chest. Hot waves danced beneath Clydes skin as Percival tore through the first bag, which was big enough to hold a respectable PC, without breaking a sweat.

A huff of satisfaction left Percivals lips, taking a moment to rub his pot belly before winking at the camera.

"Aaahh... Thats the good stuff. But we're only getting started." His fanged grin sent shivers down his roommates spine, forcing him to get a glass of water to hide his thirst.

This continued for a long while, Percival gorging on his fried feast taking pause only to answer questions, thank donators, and show off his quickly expanding gullet. With each bag it grew wider and fuller, losing its soft pillow shape as it lurched out with thunderous rumbles. By the third bag his gut had begun to look like a balloon blown out to its limit, round like a ball and forcing Perci to spread his legs and lean back into the seat. Stiffling a belch he flexed by request of a donator, dislodging a pocket of air mid sentence.

"Thank you for the foll-OOOUUUURRRPPPHHH!! Urgh," he groaned "pardon me."

Though he'd started with certain gusto, Clyde could see the wolf was slowing down, ghe weight of his meal starting to weigh on him like a pile of bricks. But what ever discomfort he felt was nothing compared to the pleasure this gave him. With a strained smile he finished the fifth bag, tipping it over his mouth to catch any crumbs trying to escape. Only one back was left, and the chat was cheering his name. Even Clyde had given up on hiding his excitement, watching with wide eyes as Perci dug into the bag.

Struggling to catch his breath Percival bite down on the chicken, now savoring its taste. Somewhere along the way the seams of his pants had gave way, exposing his chubby inner thighs and granting him much needed releif. By the time he reached the bottom of the bag Percival looked like he was nine months pregnant, stuffed to brim with chicken.

"Agh... T-told you I could do it!" He winked, then winced as his belly gurgled and groaned. "I think that's enough for today, yeah? UUUOOORRPP, phew, I'm stuffed! I'll be back in a couple days and show you where all this ends up. Until then," leaning forward the wolf struggled to get up, pinned down by his own swollen mound of pudge. Eventually stumbling onto his feet Percival pinned the camera under his gut, almost breaking the lens under his weight. "BWWWWWAAAAAAUUUURRRRPPPP!!"

Stuffing Stream


12 May 2021 at 13:31:50 MDT

With a new roommate comes with many challenges, especially when your interests are hard to hide. Thankfully, Percival the wolfs roommate Clyde is more than ok with him living large.

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