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B&E by Lichinthesystem

Brann stretched as he sat back against the wall, watching the sun set over the horizon. A crescendo of red and pink hues slowly fading into a deep indigo. It was his favorite time of day, perfect to lay back and relax before a night of hard work. Watching day turn to night never lost its splendor to him.

Of course, he could watch the sunset anywhere. His reason to watch from atop this ancient oak was entirely work related. Brann smiled as he looked down, guards of this noble house unaware of the theif above. They wore standard uniforms, form fitting and sharply cut grey suits with the family's emblem on the back. One of the richest families in Marrowback, the Hills were known for alchemical expertise, all doctors reknowned for their miraculous operations. He'd feel bad robbing them, if not for the knowledge of how many lives were ruined in the wake of these alchemists. Alchemy was a science after all, and so required experimentation. Test subjects. Brann knew what attrocities the Hills hid underground and in the river, the twisted bodies of beast and man alike turned into shambling abominations. If he was lucky, he'd find evidence of their crimes along with their jewels and gold. He couldn't report it to the city guard, but he could drop it off with his friend in the council. They'd do their magic and put these monsters behind bars where they belonged. But for now, all he could do was wait.

Hours passed as night settled and the stars came out of hiding, shining like polished gems far above. Brann sat still all the while, waiting for his moment.

"Come on," Brann hummed "hurry up and go to your little party. Don't want to keep the inlaws waiting..."

Branns ears flicked as he heard the thrum of an unseen engine. The Hills were gone in seconds, racing down the road and disapearing from view. Brann gave a bemused smirk before pushing himself up and off his cozy tree branch, landing with silent grace.

"Let the fun begin."

Sticking to the shadows Brann made his way across the grounds, dodging the guards torch lights with ease. Jumping over a rosebush and weaving through a garden of exotic flowers he began scaling the manors wall. There was a balcony on the third floor, likely the master room. If he was lucky it would be empty. If not, he could handle a handful servants.

"Hey!" A mans voice boomed from below, shaking the earth like thumder. Brann almost lost his grip on the bricks in surprise, righting himself before looking below. "What are you doing here rookie?" A tall hound with chestnut hair tapped her booted foot, bearing down on a smaller, younger looking feline. "You're supposed to be over by the west gate!" The fox shook his head before continuing his climb.

Hopping onto the balcony Brann made quick work of the lock, opening the glass door to a large empty bedroom. Slipping on a pair of gloves he slid open the bedside tables drawer, finding a book and pen along with common junk. Flipping through the journal he found it was nothing more than a dream journal and put it back in place. The vanity had more to offer, priceless rings and necklaces all adorned with pearl he happily pocketed away in his sachel. Searching the rest of the room he found nothing but clothes and books on alchemy. Expensive clothes and books, but nothing that piqued his interest. Both took more space than they were worth anyway.

Creaking the door open he found no guards by the door, and no servants in the hall. He quickly made his way down the hall, checking each room for something of value. A gold ring and a saphire the size of his palm later he went down to the second floor. There he found the kitchen and library, the later of which full of books, some of which written by the hands of the head of the house herself!

"Gotcha!" Brann grinned as he dropped journal after journal into his bag. He'd go through them back home, certain he had found the evidence needed to lock the Hills away for good. "That should be enough." He was just about to turn back and leave when he heard movement in the hall and fell to his knees, croutching behind the bookshelf that held the Hills work along with jars and vials of unknown tonics and serums. A rabbit in shabby clothes walked through the doors carrying a sponge and a bucket of soapy water. Brann crept behind a new shelf as the servant walked to the far end of the room and began cleaning the floors, unaware anyone else was in the room. Sneaking up behind him Brann cracked his hand against the back of the bunnys head knocking him out. "Sorry kid," he grimaced before lifting him up off the ground. "No hard feelings." Brann quickly locked the doors before looking back and undoing his belt, licking his lips. How long has it been since he last had rabbit?


A portly fox sits sipping a cup of coffee, the buttons of his black leather jacket threatening to burst off with each baited breath as white fur peaked out between the gaps. His trousers were in a similar state of duress, skin tight and threatening to burst at the seams by his thighs and wide hips. Dispite how poorly his clothes fit this newly fattened body Brann smiled as he watched the news spread like wildfire. The people around him were in a tizy, shocked and appalled by what the Hills had kept hidden for all these years. Nothing like watching karma do her work. Though that rabbit was a close second, a thought that had him licking his lips at the memory of his taste. He'll have to thank the little hare if they ever cross paths again.


Brann laughed at himself after jumping in his seat, startled by the sound of his own button popping. Looking down he watched as the rest followed their brother one by one, his gut wobbling with each take off. Resting it with a hand he left a tip at his table before leaving the cafe, careful with each step not to burst the seat of his pants... Not yet, anyway.



An introductory story for a new character of mine that I have "big" plans for

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