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Grounded Tezcatlipoca by Lichinthesystem

The sun shone bright over the city of Tokyo, fresh spring air ripe with colour as the last of winters touch melted into the ground. While most still wore warmer clothes incase of an abrubt cold snap, others were quick to toss aside their heay coats and boots for lighter, more freeing clothing. One such man was Tezcatlipoca, a black panther therian with golden markings decorating his face and long hair that faded to silver. His one eye was the colour of sea-glass, the other hidden behind a simple black eyepatch.

Out for an early morning run Tezcatlipoca was dressed for the part, forgoing his typical military uniform for a green tank-top and navy shorts. Having done laps around his military school for a good two hours he breathed heavily, his muscles gleaming and bulging with each laboured breath.

"Heh, 53 laps? Not bad!" He grinned wiping beads of sweat off his forehead "Lets try for a couple more, then you can rest."

The last two laps were grueling, but he knew it was worth it. Not only was he setting a good example for those under him, but also tethering himself to his new body. Having lost his true body years ago back in his homeworld the transient existed as a spirit living within a smoke-black mirror, interacting with the world only through the possesion of his loyal champion Hombre Tigre. But that all changed when he had this body commisioned by The Crafters, a guild of artifact blacksmiths speciallizing in body-enhancement artifacts. Now he was weighted down, able to run and fight like he had ages ago. No matter how hot his muscles burned Tez smiled, loving every moment of it.

Atleast he had, before losing his step on a stray pebble on the road. A pebble.

A pebble felled the great and mighty Tezcatlipoca.

Perhaps there were some advantages to being literal smoke and mirrors.

Pushing himself up off the ground he dusted himself off, hardly noticing the scrapes on his calf and knees. Those didn't even sting, hardly worth aknowledgement. The pain in his ankle on the other hand? That couldn't be ignored.

"You've sprained your ankle," Shennog, resident doctor of the military school explained. "From what I can tell, you'll need a couple weeks for it to heal. I advise you stay off it for the time as well to ensure no further damage occurs." Tezcatlipoca scowled. 2 weeks just sitting around doing paperwork? He'd rather just cut off his leg and be done with i. "I'm quite surprised honestly" the bovine transient continued, sitting back in his chair " considering what that body of yours is made out of. Honestly didn't think stuff like this would be a problem!" Though he kept his tone proffessional Tez could see the hints of a smirk cross his face.

"Isn't there something you got that can speed up my recovery?" He asked "You have plenty of otherwordly medicine, right? I'm a busy man! I can't stay couped up in my office."

"How about your bedroom then?" Shennog suggested as he passed the jaguar a crutch he had leaning on the wall. "No intense physical activity until you're fully healed, doctors orders! No running, no flying, no fighting, no jumping through windows... I'm sure you get the gist."

Taking the crutch Tezcatlipoca slowly nodded, his brow furrowed with annoyance.

"Understood. Thank you for your service."

"Ofcourse. I'll send you some painkillers by the end of the day incase you need them."

"Right." He growled after closing the clinics door behind him. Something told him this would be a long two weeks.

Stumbling his way to his office he spent the rest of the day tied to his desk, tapping his good foot impatiently as he drudged through his papers. Seconds felt like hours wasted just jotting away on documents and checklists, things he always to that dog of wisdom Tanetomo. How the little thing stayed sane doing these for days on end was beyond him. Centuries later and the tower of paper was finished, leaving an exhausted Tezcatlipoca slumped over his desk moaning pitifully. "Finally," he sighed, checking his watch for the time. "Argh! You're kidding me!" It wasn't even noon yet. "Curse you, damn pebble..."

By the end of the day Tez was utterly drained, practically collapsing onto his bed. Small as it was, its cool cotton sheets felt like heaven. Having retired to his chamber for the day he began pulling off his uniform, unbuttoning his top and peeling off the tank underneath. His muscled stomach growled hungerly, empty from a long day without substanance. Patting his belly he ringed for dinner, requesting it arrive through his mirror. Now for the hard part.

The belt came off with no issue, as to be expected. The same was said for the button and zipper of his trousers. The legs were an issue. One came off with a little hastle, the fabric pulling on his fur before getting pulled off. The other was a challenge.

Careful not to move his foot Tezcatlipoca slowly peeled the pant leg off his own, gingerly gathering fabric at his ankle.

"There," he grumbled, tossing away his pants before falling back into his bed. A hiss escaped his lips as his legs jostled from the movement, a hot pain pulsing from his ankle. "Damn..." How was he supposed to sleep with this thing?!

Just then the someone knocked at his door. Not bothering to get up or even pull the sheets over him he welcomed them in. He was in boxers, black and skin tight, but good enough. No one really gave a damn about decency here anyway.

It was Shennog, offering a handful of painkillers as promised.

"They should help you sleep, atleast."

"Good. Set them on the table." Tez said waving the doctor away. He wasn't in the mood to entertain.

"Long day?" No shit.


"Hmm, well then." Shennog hummed setting the capsule on his bedside table. "All I can do is wish you a quick recovery. Rest well, general." The door creaked closed,leaving him alone once again. Fiddling on his phone Tez waited for his dinner, pushing the pins and needles egging him on to act aside. Shennog wasn't his favorite person, far from it, but he was the best when it came to medicine.

The food landed gently infront of his black mirror, the fall cushioned by a velvet cushion. Retreiving the platter Tez couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight. Bound to his bedside and injured he made the choice to indulge with his favorite steak and wine, the cut of meat wide as his thigh and longer than the plate was round. This would sate his appetite and give him some peice of mind, no doubt. The wine was rich, and likely to ease some of the pain. Speaking of which...

Popping the capsule open Tez tossed a single pill in his mouth and gulped, washing the medicine down with a sip of wine. He was just about to start his meal when something else popped out of his mirror.

It was a vial with a note attatched, filled with a thick purple liquid.

'Found this while making your painkillers. Might help with your recovery'.

Reading over the note a grin spread on the therians face.

"Quicker recovery hey? Don't mind if I do!" With a quick hearty laugh he downed the serum in one gulp, shuddering at the bitter taste. "Urgh, gross." He whine, sticking his toungue out with disgust. His stomach groaned in agreement, rumbling with displeasure. "Yeah, yeah. Pipe down." Another swig of wine helped with aftertaste. Sliding back into bed he was about to finally eat his dinner when a wave of heat washed over his body, accompanied with sudden fullness in his belly. "W-what?" He gasped, his breath growing laboured and heavy. His confusion turned to shock, horror even, when he saw the definetion of his once sculpted form begin to melt.

Hands clawing at his abdomen the sixpack of said abs faded before his eyes and touch, giving way to soft fat. In moments the little paunch swelled into a beerbelly, push ing against then spilling over the waistband of his underwear. His chest also started to swell, tight pecs starting to plump up into a pair of heavy breasts. Though he couldn't see it even his rear began to fatten, pressing harder and harder against the backside of his boxers. "What the hell?! What's happening to me?!" Throwing himself up off the bed and onto his feet. Normally he would have stuck the landing, graceful as an acrobat. But the sharp pain in his ankle and sudden heft in his middle left him falling on the floor. His body jiggled and jostled, his expansion seeming to hasten with the abrupt movement. Seeing his reflection the proud general whimpered as he struggled off the ground. His belly had grown to the size of a medicineball, hanging off his once trim waist with lovehandles to match. His hips billowed out stretching the material of his shorts to their limit, beginning to tear at the seams. All definetion in his arms and legs were gone, thick with fat where muscle once stood proud. Even his face wasn't left untouched, his handsome sharp cheekbones and chin having lost some of their edge.

The once herculean figure of the Warmongers leader was gone, turned into a butterball in seconds.

Face flushed crimson red Tezcatlipoca ground his teeth before roaring in fury, the force of his shout shaking his heavy gut.


Lighting a cigar the doctor couldn't help but chuckle when he heard the booming shout of his boss, his voice clear even three buildings and a story down. Angry as the fat cat was, his pride wouldn't allow himself to be seen suddenly double his weight in nothing but a pair of distressed boxers. He'll have no choice but stay in his room and rest. Then Shennog would give him the antidote.

If he was good, atleast.

Grounded Tezcatlipoca


14 March 2021 at 15:34:16 MDT

After a hard fall head of the Warmongers guild Tezcatlipoca finds himself grounded, wether he likes it or not.

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