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Free To Use Femboy Base by Levirya

Free To Use Femboy Base


17 November 2014 at 13:01:23 MST

So I don't know if you Guys use bases or not and I haven't really been here long enough to see but i wanted to post it here too!

When you Open the PSD file all the groups and folders are color coded with names for each layer.
Each animal, being, A Canine, A feline and A rabbit all of different files with their names on it.
Each folder has a section for each item. Tails, Eyes and Ears. There are Three sets of tails, Two sets of eyes and ears, besides the rabbit, who has one tail set and three ear sets. There is an arms folder for different types of arms. They are labeled. There is also a MISC. folder extras lol

BUT! im doing a special just for you! For every new watcher I get it I will give you the female base (normal breast size) with the eyes included for free! Yes free!

There is NO BACK VIEW! I will explain.
This is a free to use base. I didn't add a back because Im going to have extras that you pay for~
Don't worry is not OUTRAGEOUS prices.
There is also a female base that has two types of breasts, also for payment you can have lol
I will also be adding mature parts later and clothes and stuff hehe.

Okay for those who want the back view and female parts, the price is only $5
YES! JUST $5! This comes with a mid back view, two female breast types, Eyelash eye sets, Four female hair styles, and an accessory folder for both females and femboys.

  • Rules *

-You can use this base for anything! Adopts, refer sheets, auctions etc.
-You can draw and add your own touches to the base i don't mind.
-[b]DON'T SAY YOU DREW IT. I'll be very sad and upset ;A; don't make me cry, I'm an ugly crier X3.[/b]
-also please credit me back with my link/icon and a link to this post~<3
-[b]YOU CAN NOT GIVE THIS BASE OUT! If you want a friend to use it tell them to come to me first or this submission and download it. Please and thank you <3[/b]

And if i remember anything else I'll add more X3] THIS IS THE BASE LINK!

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    Look at them hips =u=