A Cynic's Approach to Poetry by Levi

“Once upon a time” is old.
Poets search for something bold
And enter worlds lacking sense
In search of some new meaning.

Images of “careless trees”
They will say evokes the free;
Personification is
Their deadliest enemy.

Some think every line must rhyme
And follow common meter.
A truly welcome effort
‘Til they use words like “praetor.”

Still others try to pass off as poetry
A string of phrases or sentences broken up
This is convenient because it takes no talent whatsoever.
I think they call it “free verse.”

What is a cynic to do?
What relief is there for him?
The only way this can end:
Write a poem and click “send.”

A Cynic's Approach to Poetry


30 August 2015 at 15:13:33 MDT

While at university, I was on staff of the campus literary magazine. One of the responsibilities was to rate submissions to determine inclusion in the magazine.

So much of the poetry we received was just... bad.

For my own sanity, I crafted this poem. My goal was to make it as bad as possible while mocking all the bad form in the worst poems sent to us.

And then I sent it to the magazine.

It was rejected for being too mean. ;)

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    Heh, mean or not, it's certainly amusing.

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      I figured you'd appreciate the humor in it!

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    Much harder to make a work as bad as possible than making it as good as possible. :P