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"I have always been here." by LessThan3

"I have always been here."


22 November 2016 at 15:38:32 MST

Little fan art, twenty years out of date.

If you recognize this without me properly tagging it, I will love you long time.

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    Bab5 is never out of date! :D

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    I love your detail work and effect on this! :)

    I never got to see Babylon 5 (looked at the tags), because it was on the night of the week I worked nights. But many of my friends loved it and said it was great! It's one I'd love to see someday if they ever come out with a complete series set. :)

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      It got yoinked from Netflix but it used to be there. Scuttlebutt is Warner is working on their own streaming service. It's a bit acquired, being one of those series with long payoffs. Unfortunately, outside of borrowing the DVDs from someone, I have no idea how to (legally) watch it.

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        It's one of those cult favorites that I keep hoping will get an anniversary release of some kind one day. Being a pretty big Trek fan....I love shows along that genre type! :)

        Companies can be really snooty about things like that. Cartoon Network literally abandons their shows....which is why I worry I'll never see how Adventure Time ends, because they'll just stop putting out the DVDs since they don't care. :/ It would be nice if companies learned to treat their fan-bases better....because they could make serious money putting out cult favorites! ;)

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