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Iron Artist 1 (Preview) - For Zaezar by LessThan3

Iron Artist 1 (Preview) - For Zaezar


30 August 2015 at 22:29:26 MDT

OK so... I may not be good at this IA thing. Speed doesn't come naturally to me. And I am aware this is a shitty cellphone pic but the thing is too big for my scanner, so I need a new wide format scanner. It is 12:30am on a weeknight and I am too tired to get the tone looking better which will result in nobody even clicking on it.

But here is proof that I am doing this. I've only had three hours to work on this and I think it's OK enough to show.

The guidelines were to use Zaezar's fursona, his word was "Exhausted," he wanted something safe for work and traditional.

This is what happens when you ask me for SFW on everything... >.>


Also, I will probably be finishing this in some kind of mixed media, but maybe not in order because I'm working too much on a single piece.

Zaezar (c) Zaezar
Art (c) LessThan3

Graphite on some sort of sketch paper, like 140lbs.

Submission Information

Visual / Traditional


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    i kind of like the way the picture of the drawing came out. i don't know why, but i was think since the it darkens around the edges, it makes the scene look like a moment to be memorized.

    i also like how the main character in focus is asleep :)

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      That was his request, lol. I am going to come back and do this in mixed media after our next con, hopefully in the middle of September if things go as planned.

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        i hope things go in your favor! i was wondering, did you take college courses, or are you self taught?

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          That picture DOES look like personal experience, doesn't it? Hehe. Yeah, actually I took a LOT of college. Three degrees, none of which I use in my daily life. Well, until recently. I went to a fine art school, which means almost all of the drawing and painting I did was from life. I've only literally started drawing furries in the last year and it's really hard for me to draw them without something standing in front of me.

          I don't like using other furry art for reference because I want to develop my own style, so I tend to use a human for reference if I need one for a pose, and then try to add the furry bits. I'm getting better, gradually.

          I also graduated college before drawing digitally was even taken seriously, so getting adapted to using tablets was very difficult for me.

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            i kinda felt like you had, with drawing the pose with straight lines on the canvas. it's funny, I'm more the opposite way. I'm more used to drawing out of my mind(that phrase is now one of my favorites, along with aesthetically anesthetic), or drawing using my own imagination. when i try to draw things from life, i get caught up in things like "that muscle shouldn't look like that" or "this curve looks wrong.". I'm trying to get used to that.

            I'm still in high school, but i am planning on getting a degree in art education, becoming an art teacher.

            I've never used a tablet either, but that's why I'm working now, so i can buy the equipment i need.