Aspergers by Leon 13


Leon 13

21 March 2014 at 16:28:11 MDT

I wanted to draw a picture in which I could explain something. I do have Aspergers, I was diagnosed with it during 5th grade. Because of it, I had very unstable emotions that left me with numerous bad memories. Then, after becoming more obedient, I gradually destroyed these emotions to the point where they only very rarely break out. The only emotions I still have trouble with are Anger and grief. I feel that people with Aspergers syndrome have the potential to become great. Aspergers is like Evangelions. In untrained hands, they are very ineffective and dangerous. But when the pilot has control, their synchronization ratio increases and become one with them. Thats probably not the best example, but I wanted to reference something cool. Also, if your wondering what I'm doing in the picture, I'm putting on a fresh pelenka. Remember, if you Have Aspergers, it can be controlled.

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    Your not the only one.
    I have HFA high functioning autism.
    I do wish some other people could understand but they do not.
    Infect I might edit my profile and say at Angello is autistic.

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    Are found it I hope you do not mind I am going to add this to my favorite. :)