A Machine for babyfurs by Leon 13

A Machine for babyfurs

Leon 13

6 October 2013 at 16:29:38 MDT

Amnesia the dark descent was a game I will never forget. Mainly because it scared me so much at certain point, something that rarely happens to me in video games. Though it's fear level was eventually overtaken my SCP containment breach (Wet diaper) and SCP-087-B (Wet and messy diaper), it still had a good story. Because of this, I was hyped for the sequel, A Machine for pigs, which was supposed to come out in October. But then one day, I got on my computer, checked Steam and saw it was available the day I checked it!

I instantly bought it, I couldn't wait to discover the dark secrets that laid before me. And then, after it finished installing, I clicked on it and it said my video card wasn't the right kind. Bull fucking shit. I still haven't played it because of that. I watched a couple videos of it on Youtube though, looks good. Hopefully someday I'll get the right card.

I decided to draw a pic based on it. It's of me in a nighty wandering around the halls of a mansion being stalked by a shadow creature. And yes, that diaper underneath the shirt it most certainly wet.

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