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Digi-Rugrats Demake Page 1 by Leon 13

Digi-Rugrats Demake Page 1

Leon 13

Note: This is a redraw of a page from a Fan Comic made by a talented artist who may not want their name shared. If the artist wishes, I can remove this pic at their request if they do not feel comfortable with it. Do not ask where the original comic can be found, as the artist may not be comfortable with it.

Since I loved this comic so much, and I’ve found I’ve also enjoyed redrawing comics of more talented artists for practice, I decided to redraw the first page. I could never match the kawaii style of the original, so I draw the Digis normally, albeit with color schemes closer to that of the comic. I also decided to give them different diapers to diversify them. They originally wore featureless diapers (some like Gatomon were only seen in footie pajamas).

In an attempt to try and replicate the color pencil-esque brush textures on the characters of the original, I used an acrylic brush to add subtle coloration specks on each character. Whether or not this was successful is up to you. If it isn’t, PLEASE give me advice!

Visual Description:

-First Panel
Gatomon is playing with a pink yarn ball in the foreground. She is on her rear legs and resting one paw on the floor and the other on the yarn. She is happy. She wears an aquamarine set of footed pajamas with a pink diaper poking slightly out of the rear hatch and a violet colored ribbon on her tail. In the background, Veemon sits there with his legs spread and his hands clenched together and against his cheek as he watches Gatomon with huge red pupils and a heart floats next to his head with a huge open smile. He wears yellow booties and a pair of white pull ups with dark blue sides, the Y segment from a pair of briefs, and the orange crest of courage printed on the front. He says:

“I fell in wove with Gatomon the first time I saw her, she’s so pwetty!”

-Second Panel
Patamon is standing on his rear legs as Gatomon stands behind him, holding onto his stretched out head wings while they gaze at each other playfully and happily. Patamon is wearing a white cloth diaper held up by a knot and a short dull indigo tank top. Veemon says:

“But she didn’t wike me back. She’d wather be with that cubby wittle badpip, Patamon. What does he have that I don’t?”

-Third Panel
Biyomon stands on the left while holding up he left wing with a feather pointed upward while she smiles while talking with her eyes closed. She wears a white cloth diaper held up with a large silver safety pin, indigo booties with ribbons on her feat and a ribbon around the feather poking out the top of her head. Veemon stands on the right with his arms crossed while frowning and glaring at her. He says:

“Biyomon is always wecturing me, saying I should be happy is Gatomon is happy. Oh pwease, bite me!”

-Fourth Panel
Veemon, from the waist up, looks at the camera with an evil expression with his teeth showing as he rubs his hands. He says:

“Then I’ll just make Gatomon wike me! I know just how to do it, hehehehe!”

-Center page
Veemon sits there with a sad expression on his face. His arms are at his side, the one on the camera side has it’s thumb in the waistband of his pull ups. He says:

“I never get any wespect. Why doesn’t anybody wike me? I’m not that bwig a jwrk, am I?”

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