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Scribbles' Prototype 9 by Leon 13

Scribbles' Prototype 9

Leon 13

A continuation of a long forgotten series of pics featuring the cute Zoom Zoom from Pocket Dragons as he got a diaper change from a creepy machine. When we last left him, the Machine kinda went out of control and wouldn’t stop administering powder in his diaper which eventually lead to both the machine and the back of Zoom Zoom’s diaper exploding and sent him flying.

Which brings us to the current chapter, where we learn the machine was in fact the invention of the creative Scribbles. While she ponders what went wrong with it, Zoom Zoom is rather bitter about the whole affair and feels his frustration building with each passing second.

While I am satisfied with how this came out, I did get a little confused with the legs, not really sure how to draw these chunky ones with no clear joints. The arms still need improvement as well. Still, this was a nice trip down memory lane, as it was drawing these characters that let me bond with my buddy Yosh-E-O.

Visual Description:

In the front is Scribbles (cute little green draggie with yellow belly, wing membrane and ear patches with a scabbard that holds a pencil on her back), holding out a piece of her tan notebook paper with her left arm while examining it with a puzzled look while saying “Huh, weird, it wasn’t supposed to do that”. She scratches her head with her other arm and she is clad in a thick disposable diaper that is pink with lighter-pink frills on the butt.

Behind her is Zoom Zoom (cute little green draggie with a pale blue belly, wing membrane, and ear patches and wears an old fashioned aviator cap with goggles), who is laying on the floor on his belly. His right arm is resting on the floor while his left one is supporting his head. He is glaring at Scribbles. Obscured by Scribbles’ body is his lower half which has a cloth diaper held up by knots in which the entire rear part has been blown off and in tatters, only the front part and the waistline of the rear remains.

The floor is brown stone tiled.

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