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Leon 13

6 September 2020 at 13:15:44 MDT

Ugh, I’m starting to hate these 100+ celebration pics. Because they’re notable, I have to make them flashy and exciting. They also take SO long to finish and it drains me to the point where I don’t want to do anything else for a while.

Anyway, the winner of the raffle was Koopalings_Fan, so he is guest starring here (in his own diaper, since I didn’t know whether or not he’d be comfortable with the setting).

For this celebration, Nixie had some of Leon’s friends come over, finding Leon dressed in a stylish cloth diaper for the occasion. As a gift for Leon, Nixie used her magic to shrink all his friends, giving Leon some new “toys” to play with.

Despite the fact a wave of magic was used, the clothes did not shrink with most of the babs. As such, Leon began to dress some of his new dolls and provided others with the means to dress themselves. Takoda got a handkerchief for a cloth diaper (don’t ask where she got the safety pin of equal size), Lucien got a doll-sized pair of bloomers (which he clearly dislikes, seeing as he’s attempting to grapple onto Leon’s diaper to exact revenge), Mirin is clad in a tissue diaper under a doll sized pair of panties (MORE FRILLS!? REALLY?), Paden is clad in a much to large for his bum sock diaper, and Colin, clad in a pair of briefs, being lowered back to the floor in a rather uncomfortable manner.

I hope you enjoy it, because it’ll probably take the rest of the month for me to regain my drawing stamina.

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