Shimmer's Closet of Rejected Outfits (Grimm's Prize) by Leon 13

Shimmer's Closet of Rejected Outfits (Grimm's Prize)

Leon 13

23 May 2019 at 20:41:23 MDT

This is the prize won by Grimminhiscrib for winning the Diapered Gatomon Day 2019 Challenge. He chose Shimmer, an OC belonging to jayruki, to be the model for the outfit designs!

Better version on Inkbunny:

-Outline: Like all of these pictures, I save this outline to copy and paste to draw the costumes over. She is covered by a Modesty bedsheet since she doesn’t seem too crazy about going diaperless :P.

-Preschooler: This was the only outfit Grimm requested, a Japanese Preschooler outfit. Surprisingly, I’ve already seen something similar, worn by Shimajiro of all characters. I guess Shimmer is going to Maid Preschool or something similar, though her uniform is already more dignified than Syrus’. Her reading material seems to be very useful though!

-Tribal: Dropping the fancy Victorian garments, Shimmer invokes a tropical feel with this sash-like bra and a loincloth that holds up a disposable diaper. She even added tribal paint based on the markings carried by her Lords. She’s currently serving Pineapple Martinis, only if you can read the label of course.

-Lingerie: In an attempt to make her undergarments more dignified, Shimmer has donned a pair of bloomers with a matching Black Corset. Of course, she still needs diapers, but the bloomers do a good job of concealing them. This outfit proves useful when the Washing falls behind and Shimmer has nothing else to wear until she does the Laundry.

-Ballroom: Heavily inspired by the outfit worn by the Deer Cinderella in that bizarre “Cinderella 3D” film, Shimmer dresses for a fancy occasion with Formal gloves, a Masquerade mask, and sparkly dress, and an even Sparklier diaper. The Sapphire Ankle Bracelets also add some flair, but most spectators would probably focus on the diaper. She’s also gotten a glass of wine, time to party!

-Forest: Heavily inspired (almost copied) by Elora’s dress from Spyro Reignited, Shimmer embraces nature after losing her uniform and making use of the numerous leaves. In addition to a stylish leaf dress, she also has a comfortable Leaf diaper. Oh look, she has an Orb for Spyro, all he has to do is let her diaper him…

-Wetsuit (Sort of): You can’t wear a Maid’s uniform for a mission underwater. Heavily inspired by Tomb Raider 2, Shimmer dons a skin-tight water-proof shirt with a scuba tank (and goggles). Unfortunately, that bulky swim diaper might affect her hydrodynamics. On the plus side, not even a great white shark could pierce that thing!

-Maria’s Gear: Wow, how did we end up in this situation? Was Shimmer dared to swap clothes with Maria? Did Shimmer knock Maria out and steal her clothes to disguise herself? Did the two fuse together and only Maria’s clothes remained intact? Who knows, though I must say, this is a pretty stylish look for Shimmer, though a Chain-Mail diaper cover might liven it up a bit.

Maybe I should turn these into a YCH...

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