Servant from the Gods (C: 27) by Leon 13

Servant from the Gods (C: 27)

Leon 13

8 April 2018 at 10:21:02 MDT

(The Next Part of my art trade marathon with Agumonofalchemy.)

Deep within his nightmare, Leon wandered aimlessly through the hot desert. The diaper-based turban added to the already uncomfortable heat, while the unflattering slave-styled loincloth on his rump gave him a nasty rash and was constantly coming undone.

He stopped to catch his breath, looking away from the bright sun so it wouldn’t blind his eyes. He felt the heat rash beginning to develop on his head due to the turban. Unable to bare it anymore, he tore the turban off his head, his top fin feeling a relieving burst of fresh air. He looked at the turban, which was in fact a diaper, and considered putting it on. However, remembering the rash on his rear, he felt it would do more harm than good, and tossed it away.

He continued he seemingly endless trek into the desert. He’d give anything for a drink and maybe a nice comfortable diaper. He felt pain coming from the rash again and gritted his teeth. Looking around, he saw nothing but desert and mountains in the far distance. There wasn’t a single other soul around, no one to see him in his silly loin cloth. No one to see him without it…

Leon got an idea as he looked down at the only thing he was wearing and sneered at it.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Culania was woken from his sleep by weird shuffling next to him. He saw Leon laying there, gritting his teeth and shuffling his legs around. Sitting up, Culania placed his paw on Leon’s forehead and closed his own eyes. The moon symbol on his head began to glow. Leon gradually stopped his shuffling, though he was still gritting his teeth. Culania took his paw off the dragon’s forehead and smiled before returning to sleep himself.

Back in the nightmare…

“It’s okay, there’s no one around to see me, and I can hang onto it in case I come to a town or something.” Leon said to himself.

Leon looked around to make sure he was the only one there. He took a deep breath and placed his paws on the front of his loincloth. He grabbed it and pulled out the tucked in piece. His loincloth then fell to the ground, leaving him bare. He breathed a sigh a relief as he felt the refreshing air blow between his legs.

“Hello Young One.” A Booming voice said.

Leon yelped in fear. Instinctively, he reached down and yanked his loincloth back up, unfortunately, the back part was undone and left his rear fully exposed. He turned around to face where the voice came from and jumped back in shock.

In front of him was a tall black jackal. It’s skin looked like it was made of velvet, with several visible stitches. He wore a thick diaper-like loincloth with a red piece of fabric over it, a strange chest belt, silver bracers, and a silver choker.

“I can see that the heat is causing a great deal of discomfort for you. Fortunately, my Godling has tasked me to assist you.” The Jackal said.

Before Leon could respond, the Jackal scooped him up with his big arms. Leon yelped as he lost grip on his loincloth and it fell to the sand. The jackal began carrying him off into the distance, Leon covering his crotch in embarrassment.

Leon watched as they came to a big open valley, with nothing but sand. However, Leon saw something appear in the sky, a small pyramid. However, the small pyramid began to expand downward, growing bigger and bigger. Soon, it reached the ground, revealing a massive pyramid, with two large doors. The Doors slowly opened and the Jackal carried Leon into the darkness as the doors closed behind them. The Pyramid then vanished from sight.

Several torches lit up the hallway the Jackal was in, allowing Leon to see again. The Jackal carried Leon down the hall until they arrived in a big open room. There was a pool of water in the middle, under a skylight where the sun shined down. There were also several pillars in the room, each one having a small mural on it. The first had a small gray creature with long ears, moon symbols, and a big diaper. The Second was a shark-like creature, also clad in a big diaper.

The Jackal moved deeper into the room and set Leon down. The Naked dragon went over to the pool in the center and stared at it with anticipation. Looking over his shoulder at the Jackal, Leon saw him smiling. Looking back at the pool, Leon didn’t hesitate before jumping into it with a big splash. After being submerged for a short minute, he broke the surface of the water and wiped the water out of his eyes. After being in the desert for so long, the water felt amazing.

Leon climbed out of the pool, still covering himself. He was surprised by the jackal, who began to dry him off with a towel. Leon giggled from being tickled by it. The Jackal then laid the towel out on the floor and gestured for Leon to lie down on it. Leon, not wanting to upset this large being, complied, still embarrassed. The Jackal went over to the corner and came back, holding a replica of the diaper-loincloth it wore. Leon immediately knew what he was doing.

Despite the embarrassment at the idea, Leon lifted his legs up. The Jackal procured a strange jar and tilted it over Leon’s rear. White powder was sprinkled out of it onto his rear. Leon sighed in relief as the powder soothed his rash. The Jackal then lifted his rear up and slid the loincloth under him, looping his tail through a hole in the back. He then folded the ends over Leon’s pelvis and secured them with a safety pin made of gold, concealed by the piece of red Fabric.

Leon got to his feet and moved his legs around to get a feel for the diaper. The Jackal patted his rear playfully, causing Leon to blush.

“T-thank you.” Leon said.

“It was no trouble young one. I am Anubis, and I shall tend to your every need.” The Jackal said.

Pretty soon, after a cold drink, Leon was resting under the sunlight with a pair of sunglasses, as Anubis kept him cool with a fan.

Back in the real world, Culania rolled to his side while trying to fall asleep. His head rested on a very soft pillow, which felt different from the one he slept on before. His head also bumped into a surface that felt very rough and cold. Opening his eyes, Culania sat up to inspect the pillow, only to discover it wasn’t a pillow at all. It was Leon’s diapered rear. Apparently, the dragon got turned around in his sleep and his rear was propped by the front of the crib.

Despite this odd occurrence, Culania turned around to the other side of the crib himself and laid down next to Leon’s head, which now carried a smile. Culania’s diapered rear was visible next to Leon’s.

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