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Igo relaxing lean by Leomane

Igo relaxing lean


HA! and that was quick wasn't it! Here we have the sketch I worked on today after getting the idea earlier on i the week, I did want to do more with Igo to show off more of him and well here we have more of the long guy as promised with him casually relaxing back at the hose of operations and enjoying the downtime.
This one was a TON of fun to work on as I got to really show off the length of his body and the size he is ( mostly still doesn't really show off that he needs custom furniture to sit on ). Plus it was a great excuse to imprint him more in my mind and heh get a bit more of a lewd look >:3 ( nothing quite displayed yet... ) But yeah the main reason was to practice more of his long body and that has been accomplished! For the most part XD

Anyway here we have Igo leaning back feet up on the table glasses off as he enjoys the alone time, and I'm sure soon enough he'll think of something to do to keep himself entertained and hydrated....

I'll be tinkering a bit more with this one and get things looking a bit more proper but for now it felt good to hammer out another sketch that I feel good showing off.
Enjoy everyone and feel free to crit or comment!