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Igo 1st sketches and concepts by Leomane

Igo 1st sketches and concepts


Whew been a while since I've been a player in a TTRPG but with our new campaign started up I'm a player again and now it get to design out my character, so this was a ton of fun to do and to think on over the past weeks and get a feel for him as well as a visual of him. Been tinkering with this the past 2 weeks on 'n off but now I've got something that I'm happy to show off, including some roughs from the many many concepts I did ( see below ) the top one is his near final design!

So a little back story as they say. This campaign takes place in 1889 Victorian England and all our players, save for one, MUST be a monster beast or being of known lore that is from behind “the veil”, like a leprechaun or yeti or something of the like, as our DM puts it. And one player must be a human that gets a bunch of boons and such as they can SEE us lore monsters as what we are! All other NPC's see us as an odd looking humans like just overly hairy or tall or ugly XD

Well lucky me I got to be a beast and as such I had to pick a cool native Canadian beast and well what better ones than the beasts of Ogopogo and Igopogo.
So here we have my character Igo Pongeego!
A mythical 7foot tall water serpent creature who dwells in Lake Simcoe and the St Lawrence seaway and is the brother of Ogopogo ( from Lake Okanagan ) they are protector mates of the native lands! With the Brits landing and exploring and colonizing Canada Igo has travelled to Britain to seek audience with the royalty and find out what exactly they mean to do over in his native land and also to serve as a protector to his party of mates he has met there.

With his design I had to go with something far longer and serpent like so he's got quite the bit of length on his torso there which is super neat and new to draw! As well he has some other fun quirks n such to spice up the TRPG, like needing his glasses to see clearly put of water and a bit of an oral fixation ( not just smoking but also like chomping and teething on something to keep is mouth busy >:3 ) but overall I'm enjoying the different body proportions.
Whew so that's the lot of things I have to say on him so far as the campaign is just started but I'm sure we'll see more of Igo!

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