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Domm workout shorts fail by Leomane

Domm workout shorts fail


Was on a bit of a muscled vibe last week thanks to Guyan which then lead to this with my OG fun muscle gut guy Domm. I got the random idea from walking around the house and well some how Domm having a partial kinky dickslip in the locker room with his work out pants failing seemed fitting for the big guy and from there I decided to get some practice with a walking pose and a different angle on his head.
Came out pretty ok so far need some more work and practice but its fun and does lead to a bit of a story and a few alts and or comic like panels so win win!

But yeah not much else to say as it seems like a nice little kinky mishap but with Domm being a bigger guy in both muscle, body shape and “down there” this was bound to happen and looks like he was quick enough on the grab to prevent too much from showing, even if he'd be cool with it ~.=.^

I might go ahead and tinker with this a bit more and get a few of the ideas out, like the idea of him initially casually drinking from his water bottle before the event and then it happens. As well as the alt idea of it being a towel slip instead of his stretchy workout shorts snapping.
For now enjoy and of course all feedback is welcomed!