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Danji technomage exploring by Leomane

Danji technomage exploring


Not very often I do sketches that are related but the idea was too good to pass up and I also need more art of Danji and me ( sorta ) And continuing with the idea of pushing myself I have another sketch that's more advanced and allowed me to do more less static poses more backgrounds and more theming added in.
But yeah this is a fun companion piece of another sketch I did ( ).

This time it's now Danji doing some more adventuring along with Leomane, the draconid is deep in the caves as well and kitted out with his mage staff and other magical pieces that will come in handy as they keep on exploring for valuables or finding out who or what was on that scroll... finding a good rock to rest on Danji is taking a breather and admiring the pretty view as his staff lights the area and even makes the mineral filled underground waterfall sparkle as it crashes into the deep chasm.
Once again I setup another reference I made ( the 3d figures in clipstudio are amazing! ) as again and worked off that only adding in some more style and bits n pieces, and uhh yeah as very noticeable Danji started off with less clothes but I decided to add in some overtop but got lazy ( it'll be fixed later ) plus who doesn't want to see that bod of his! OH and also the staff is a deep cut in Danji lore modelled off another piece from long time ago.
As usual I'll get around to some more tweaking on some parts like the background and other bits but I captured the essence of the idea and got to play around with some part of Danji so I'm super happy with this and as soon as I get to the colouring / blocking stage I'm gonna see if I can do proper backgrounds so this one will get a nice ink job.
And to really sell it as a companion piece I made the background the same off white and to have that parchment feel.