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Soolumas 'Spool' roughs by Leomane

Soolumas 'Spool' roughs


Welcome to 2023 and I'm back with an update! And what better way or thing to post than a sketch of a new character created just this year! Getting going early this time on making new ones and talk about classic yet unique ones too.
Say hello to Spool! The robot duplicate and 1 to 1 benevolent lifelike replica of Soolumas the scientist.

The kobold cutie is in the same scifi universe as Julius "Jules" Arras so there's some fun with androids, AI's and lifelikes being illegal, so of course he has some neat backstory done up, Soolumas is one of the original team members that helped to create the powerful AI and androids like Jules, and before they were making the AI there had to be tests done and one of the tests was to create a stable duplicate of an existing person where the donated personality became the bases for an AI, and Soolumas was the first one that volunteered! Thus Spool was born and the pair operated much like twins ( same as Jules' actual creators! ) up until the “event” happened where the team was taken away, more like kidnapped and not heard from since , and Spool was safely snuck out of the facility where he kept in contact for years with a mental link and updated his other self until contact was lost... he has now been hiding out on the mineral rich desert storm ravaged planet Derfais since then.
Where and there is his story so far.

As for the sketch here since we got so much planned ( and RP'd out with him ) I HAD to get his look out, did a few neat heads tests there some with ears some without but overall things look not to bad so far and then the body test I am so happy with how it came out the first one the left was a good base and showed off his pants but the pose was a little stiff so did a redux and BAM things look way better and even gave him his electronic multi tool and glasses / goggles and snuck in some facial details, still debating on the kinds of tail piercings but yeah for the first sketch of the year I'm liking it! As well there is a reason for him to be shirtless ( something about him getting creative spurts with less clothes... )

Anyway thanks for the views and for reading and hope you enjoy!