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Vinnie 1st sketch by Leomane

Vinnie 1st sketch


Here we have another new character from a classic RP with my Danji, that finally got sketched out!
Introducing the big buff venusaur Vinnie he's a college pro wrestler that specializes in defensive tactics and taking all that the others can dish out, but like most big guys he's a big ol' softy and friendly and looks more to helping and being a chum to everyone as well as giving a few pointers or being a spotter when needed!

As for more of the details on the big guy, again he is a character from one of Danji and mines classics RPs and he just sort of stuck out to me especially since I based him roughly off of an amazing picture done by the amazing artist smolrainbowgoat.
Look wise Vinnie does keep a few of his leaves cut a specific way to show off a bit of that deep blueish-green hair of his and he keeps his natural bigness front and center which is why he took up wrestling ( not the WWE style either the classics kind! ) playing into the exposed skin and body too has really helped him come to terms with that fact that some of his spots seemed to have only come out on one side of his body giving him a neat shade and some asymmetry.
And of course since its totally a thing I love and my preference and him being a big guy and a defensive wrestler Vinnie is very much used to and loves people getting handsy with him ( in all manners ) and even likes to get cocky and asks people try and take him down or pin him, all for fun of course as he knows he can totally take it.

But yeah once again was a real blast to finally get him out on paper and is very much a nice change based on the other characer I've been doodling who is the opposite body type. Also was fun to put in few of the alternate and initial takes on some of Vinnie.
More will come out soon with this big guy as a few ideas have been seeded.