+PoM+ Amazed by Nigel's home by LeoKatana

+PoM+ Amazed by Nigel's home


15 September 2019 at 02:20:46 MDT

It's the main Nipper (Nigel x Skipper) universe and my headcanon where Skipper meet Nigel in his young teen boy age, around 13~17 as a teen when he first time step into military life as a Private(rank), Nigel be assigned as Skipper's Commander, Instead of letting Skipper live into military dormitory with others, Nigel let Skipper live together with him due to the reason that he can train him more well, and also he is much fond of this cute bird and wants him to be together with him. At there Skipper meet Nigel's nephew Private which is still a baby and live with his uncle too.

In this scene, Nigel just brought Skipper to pick up his baby nephew Private from the day care,
when they arrived home Skipper be amazed by the beautiful surroundings, amazed at how Nigel arranged his garden nicely and planted so much flowers.
so he looking around with shiny curious eyes and opened mouth,
in the meantime Nigel just smiling and fixed his gaze on Skipper, enjoying his cuteness.

(other parts I won't release yet as it still need to be rewrite a lot)

Thinking of cheering up the young private he then patted the boy's cheek lightly to get his attention, smiling that gentle big smile again once Skipper faced him, like that seriousness of before had never been there.
"How about we get some nice tea at my place?~ I also still have to show you around here a bit and where you'll stay~ Oh! And I also still have to get my nephew from the daycare!~" The man babbled.

Seeing that gentle big smile it consoled Skipper and make his heart warm, he smile back in delight

"Oh sure I would love to~ oh you have a nephew~? wow~ I can't wait to see him"

After saw how outstanding Nigel is, he seeing Nigel with diffrent eyes now, some respect and admiration showing in his eyes.

The elder penguin chuckled and ruffled Skipper's headfeathers, seeing the younger bird's delightful smile made him happy.

"Okay then follow me~" Nigel said and they went off, the Commander showed his private everything important on their military grounds before they then made their way to the daycare where Nigel's bephew was at.

They walked inside and up to the counter, greeting the lady behind it who looked up and began to smile in delight.

"Nigel!~ Here for your nephew? Done already for today?" The female bird asked sweetly.

"Ah yes I-"

"Nigel's here?" Another voice interrupted and an elder female came into the room, grinning excited at seeing the handsome man.
"Oh it's always so nice to see a male face around here, especially such a handsome one~"

"Ah yes~ It's always a nice sight for the sore eyes if you come~"

"Ahahah... Thank you ladies.. but I'd really like to get my neph-"

"Oh yes of course!~ Sandy! Can you get the little Private?" The woman behind the counter yelled back into a room.

"Oh is Nigel here? I'll get the boy right away~" The called voice answered.

"Thank you for always taking care of my nephew during the day ladies." Nigel said and smiled patiently though he did feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Ah no problem~ No problem~ For such a handsome man always!~ I still don't understand how a man like you can still be single... If I'd be still younger and not married already I'd totally go for you~"

"Clarice! That's quite bold don't you think?"

"Haha! I'm too old of being ashamed of such things dear~" The elder bird named Clarice said with a laugh.

Nigel scrached his head unsure of how to reply and only chuckled softly along.

The two women kept talking on about such embarrassing things.

Skipper stand beside Nigel, blinking at those anthomaniac women, their focus are all onto Nigel and ignore him see him as air.

The young boy smirked and jogged the man with elbow, lean closer to his ear and whispered
"Wow~ seems like you are really welcomed by girls and women, huh~?
even I don't believe you are still single, with such a handsome look should get you much mates already,
see~ those women seemed to be all want to give themselves to you and even jump you right away, haha~" he teased.

Nigel rolled his eyes at Skipper's teasing but smiled, even if it was a bit strained, he probably got to hear that a lot.
"Even if, I'm not really interessted into such females. Besides I got higher priorities at the moment than finding a mate." He whispered back and just at that moment the third female came back with a little hatchling holding onto her fin. The little bird let go of the female's fin once he saw his uncle and ran up to him with a happy smile.

The man kneed down and opened his arms as the hatchling ran towards him, jumping into a hug.
"Hello my boy~ How was Daycare today?" He asked in a gentle, happy tone.

"Really great!~~ I drew a picture of you today uncle~~" The baby spoke in a cute high pitched voice, his light blue eyes sparkling in glee and pushed a piece of paper with a kid like drawing of a penguin into Nigel's face.

"That's really amazing chap~ We will put on the fridge once we get home okay?"


Skipper open his eyes big and staring at the cute fluffy baby penguin, genes won't lie isn't it? a handsome uncle will surely has a beautiful and cute nephew too.
his voice and look just too adorable that he couldn't resist at all~ he even draw his own uncle a picture~! ( sta.sh/01zxsj48i1yj )

"Awwww~~~ his drawing really looks so much like you~ Commander~ hehe~ especially that wild-spiky up young aged white hair of yours~"
Skipper said with a little teasing inside the words as the baby's drawing looks quite hilarious.

For the first time now the female birds noticed the presence of the other younger penguin, blinking confused at they haven't really noticed him before but once they heard the teasing the young boy did they got a bit defensive over their beloved Nigel. "Hey! Isn't it quite rude of you to say such things to your higher up?"

"Kids these days! No respect for their elders anymore. Nigel looks absolutely fine~"

But the Commander paid these female's no mind and only laughed along to Skipper's words and nodded. "Yeah it sure does right?~ Private just knows so well how to draw me haha~"

The hatchling on the other hand now had his eyes on Skipper after he spoke, staring at him and taking him closely.
Only after a while he glanced to his uncle once more and pointed with a fin at the younger penguin, asking naive. "Mommy?"

Nigel blinked at that before he chuckled and ruffled the Baby bird's headfeathers. "No~ Skipper's not your Mommy he's-"

"Ah! Then Aunt?~" The boy exclaimed with big eyes, making this time his uncle blush brightly at that.

"N-no, he's not your aunt either... Skipper's more like... maybe... your big brother? Heh..." The man spoke embarrassed and put a fin over Private's pointing one, pushing it gently down.
"Also don't point at others, that's rude my boy.."

"Oh... Sorry uncle Nigel~"

"I-it's okay~ Maybe we should go home now hm?" Nigel said and got up, taking the boy carefully into his arms to carry him.

Skipper's face turn into a scowl as he got scolded by those stranger women, they aren't even Nigel's any person how can they judged him like that for him, when he was going to reply defiantly, Nigel's chuckles and lenient speaking stop and console him. Nigel surprisingly didn't angry about his irreverence to the higher up at all, even agree in his words with a delightful attitude.
Skipper stared at Nigel amazed but soon smiling back to him,

this commander really is different.

As the baby pointed and mistake him as his mother and aunt, which means.... Nigel's wife.
this make him embarrassed and blushed to no end. he could almost smell the deadly and inspissated jealousy scent in the air from these women.
oh how much he wished to leave this place now, and thank god Nigel suggested it and hug up the baby ready to leave, Skipper happily followed him out of this place right away.

They said their goodbyes and got on their way home.
Once they were outside Nigel let out a long sigh, stopping and rubbing his temple in an exhausted manner.

"Haah... That I have to go through this behaviour of them almost everyday sure is a bit tiring... But being able to see my cute nephew is worth it~~" The elder penguin grinned right away as Private beamed up to him, nuzzling the cute boy and making him giggle.

"Also I'm sorry Skipper. These women are always like that, just don't mind them."

"You don't have to apologize...Commander, maybe they are right... I show no respect for your seniority and rank after all... treating or teasing you like you are my same age friends... nothing like a subordinate should be to their superior... maybe I was already commit insubordinated..." Skipper said with lowered head.

Nigel blinked at the penguin's words but only started to laugh. "Haha~ Don't say that chap~ You're a teen!~ I like it more when you treat me like obe of your same age friends and are rebellious and cute~~ makes me feel younger too~" The man said with a bright smile though also blushed a little as he let it slip that he thinks Skipper is cute, hoping the bird maybe overheard it.

"Y-you do? wow you're really a nice guy Commander Nigel, if it were my parents that I talked to them like talking to friends or have a little contradict to them, they would had slapped me in the face and scold me hard..." Skipper frown at his childhood memeries, but soon snap out of his sadden face smile again trying to change topic "S-speaking of parents, why your nephew would mistaken and see me as his mother? aren't babies in this age are able to recognize their own parents already?"

The Commander frowned slightly at what the penguin mentioned about his parents but tried to not question the bird for now, concentrating on Skipper's other question.
"Ah.. You see... There were complications after his birth and Private's mother unfortunately didn't make it...
So he has never seen his mother before... Though that also means that he likes you if he asked if you were his mother or aunt, he does that if he likes someone~"

"Oh really? you like me huh? little guy~."
Skipper get closer to Nigel and lean his body forward, reached a flipper to play with the hatchling
"But I am sorry to hear that ...poor little guy loose his mother since he was borned... no wonder it's you to picking him up here everyday instead of his parents...
...it wouldn't happen that he also live together with you since he was born, is he..? what about his father?"

"He doesn't live with me since he was born, he lived with his father before but my brother too passed away on a mission and so I took him in and took care of him~"
Nigel told Skipper with a little sad smile.

"But Private really is a liitle sunshine~ So cute and sweet~ He brightens up my day all the time~~ I really love taking care of him~"

"Oh... so you are the only family to him now..."
Skipper said stroking the baby's head sympathetically, but there is always one question that bother him, he just has to ask.

"Uhhmm... that one more thing I really want to know, you wouldn't care if I ask it right? you called your nephew Private..?
is this his real name or you take him in as your Private like I am your Private too even he is just a baby?"

Nigel blinked for a moment before he chuckled embarrassed.
"Haha.. No, It's his actual name... My brother was never really good a giving names..
But he's so adorable that I don't mind that name~ His cuteness pays up for it~~"

The man explained and nuzzled his beloved nephew once more, the boy giggling.

After a while the elder penguin looked up and let out a little surprised sound, stopping in his tracks.

"Ah!~ We're here already~ Time flew by so fast on this way here~"

Skipper smile sweetly at the scene of uncle-nephew love that he has to supress himself from making awwww sounds too much.
as Nigel suddenly stopped Skipper bump his face onto his back, he too looked up to see where they are now.

The Commander looked back and perked a brow as Skipper suddenly bumped into him but soon smirked.

"I know I got a nice back private Skipper, but there's no need to take such a close look~"

he teased and soon stepped aside to show the younger soldier his home.

It was a beautiful little cottage with a garden, flowers being arranged nicely in it and obviously well taken care of and there was a perfectly cut hedge around it that made it seem like a natural fence. The house itself was small but pretty, the walls having that red-brown brick old style look with green wildlife growing up on the wall intentionally, giving it an overall charming design. The roof had cute patterns of metal all around, adding even more character to the cozy home and it also had a little chimney on top.

"What~? I didn't! b-because you stopped so rush- WOW~~~~~"

Skipper blushed and get flustered at that tease but his attention soon be drew by the big beautiful house,
and the abundant well arranged plants and colorful flowers around the house make it all dreamy.

"This is your house!?? Wow that's amazing! so much beautiful flowers and plants."

The boy looking around with shiny curious eyes and opened mouth,
in the meantime Nigel just smiling and fixed his gaze on Skipper, enjoying his cuteness.

"I wonder what's the inside of the house looks like? let's get in quickly!"

Skipper turned all excited and happy like an innocent kid would behave,
too hyper that he forget that Nigel is still his senior officer again and simply grasp Nigel's flipper and pull him forward with him.

Nigel blushed as Skipper grasped his fin and pulled him along, being so excited to see his home like a kid.

'Gosh this penguin is so cute!~ I need to be careful though.. Such cuteness is a real weakness of mine..'

The elder bird thought as he stared down at their holding fins but still chuckled as Skipper already was a soft spot on him.

"Haha~ Okay, Okay chap~ We'll get in~"

The Commander said as they were in front of the door, the man get out the key for the house.

"Hurry up~ hurry up~~!"

The big boy keep rushing, jump up and down, the baby look at him curiously.

"Hmhm~ Right, right~ I'm about to~"

The older penguin said with a gentle smile, pushing the key in the keyhole, unlocked the door and opened it.
He led them inside, still holding Skipper's fin.

2018 | Art © LeoKatana
Nigel , Private, Skipper © Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, The Penguins of Madagascar

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