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Chibi Kombat by LenGrey (critique requested)

Chibi Kombat (critique requested)


14 April 2013 at 05:55:38 MDT

A free pic I did for PhantomFullForce for being such a cool guy and commissioning me so much. He's helped out so much, I can't express my appreciation. Thank you.

That is the second time I've drawn that Panther, poor guy can't catch a break.


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    Hehe I love it so cute

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      thanks, hopefully people will commission me for chibi pics now.

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    Very cute indeed hehe

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      thanks, I wanted to see if I could do chibi again and it ended up ok.

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    this really has me wishing i could get something so adorable like this. xD very awesome and adorable work LG!

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      thanks a bunch, go ahead and ask for a chibi commission x3