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HillSide View by LenGrey (critique requested)

HillSide View (critique requested)


12 April 2013 at 23:55:19 MDT

Ok, so this is a pic I did for some one not on Weasyl, his character name is Silver Gunn. This is the first time I've drawn a mountain BG and a motorcycle. I'm not good at either and it was such a chore to do them. I hope it looks good, and I wish for some critiques and comments please. thank you.

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    I love your work hun =x i should really consider getting an account of my own but for now you'll just have to accept these weird messages from yourself =3 nice work!

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    Nice work, good detail on the bike, I like the hints of brown in the fur, really adds depth, but I do have one question. Is he wearing anything under the kilt or is he wearing that kilt like a man?

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      Nothing under the Kilt of course!

      Thanks, apparently though he does not have brown in his fur, though the ref pic did lol

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        then you're not to blame, I think it's epic though, such a subtle hint you don't realise you're seeing it at first.

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    Very nice combo, Irish or Scottish, bike, awesome

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      Yeah, I've drawn this wolf before, that Tartan is a pain. But not as bad as that bike was ^^

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    Whoot! Wolves on motorcycles! :3

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      that should be a song title.

      heh thanks, does the bike look ok?

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        Yesh! I dig the bike! The front wheel looks like it could use some air in the tire tho O.o Awesome job tho!