Micodaemus Custom Kigu by lemonbrat

Micodaemus Custom Kigu


30 August 2016 at 16:37:34 MDT

Red Fox Kigurumi

Submission Information

Visual / Sewing / Knitting


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    Hello! :) I'm new on this webpage and I would need some help, because I wanted to purchase this kigurumi soon, I need to know how to buy it and does the delivery reach to Austria?

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      Hi! This is a custom kigu, so we cannot sell you this one. However we can make you one of your own fursona, email us at lemonbrat@gmail.com if you are interested. And we can ship to Austria c:

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    I'm not sure, if you got my message on gmail, so I copied it and here it is: ,, Hi, this Stenn and I understood, what you wanted to say. I'm very thankful, that you took your time to explain how your commissions and the commission range work.
    So, to make it short, I want to know more about you, manufacturing the Kigurumies, because it's important to me to know, what I want at the Kigurumi attached (e.g.: zipper,...) and how much it costs. (But, let us wait some weeks before I want to make the commission) :)) If you want to know more about my fursona write me back on my stennraccoon@gmail.com . :)
    Greetings from Austria, Stenn :)) "

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    Guys what happened? You aren't paying me attention at all! What did I do wrong that you don't answer me? Please, it's important for me. I'll try to draw a design that you can imagine how it should look like

    Please answer soon, Stenn

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    Hey are you going to answer me or what

    Or are you going to let me wait for several months now??