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Cotton Norville! by LemmyNiscuit

Cotton Norville!


School's out! And you know what that means: Time to boost the daily allowance at the local fairs! I managed to learn how to make cotton candy versions of Norville, chuh-ching! Lolly and I also had fun making our own tie-dye shirts with our moms (Lolly's mom was really guiding all of us on that one).

So we got a booth together and had some fun being a little entrepreflasfajfahan whatever that word is. All's I know is I'm getting a head start on some merit badges, and we might make enough to get season passes to the water park all on our own!

Come get yer Cotton Norville!


I can't believe it's taken me this long to come up with an idea about making cotton-candy Norville x3 And SeaDewGin was the perfect on to make this treat! I love the colors and how festive it looks :3 Thank you very much! Please be sure to check out the other posts as well:

SeaDewGin's | Others Pending

From left to right:
Yuuma is TsunderePanda
Aggie is Aggie
Lolly is ButterscotchLollipop
Lemmy is me
And Norville is cottenen and floofen!


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