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I Do Not Wanna Meet That Goose... by LemmyNiscuit

I Do Not Wanna Meet That Goose...


After we got into our Easter baskets at our own houses, Lolly and I met up to exchange candies. Then we had to get ready for the sermon and afterwards there was gonna be an egg-hunt. She was really excited about that! Her mom actually made some matching-themed outfits for us; a Yoshi-Egg themed dress for her, and a vest with a similar theme for me.

The only problem was Lolly wanted to wear pink and blue socks, but she couldn't find her blue ones. It was getting close to time to leave for the sermon and she was in quite a panic. I kinda... Could tell that this probably wasn't going to go how she wanted it to, but I at least had an idea to help.

"Why don't we swap a sock?" I offered, pulling off one of my yellow socks.

She snapped from on the verge of bawling to giggling and hopping about excitedly faster than The Happy Mask Salesman. Her dad making a last call for us to get our shoes on cut her celebration a bit shy though, and we quickly swapped socks and tried-and-buckled our shoes.

The sermon was nice, but I could tell Lolly was mostly thinking about the egg-hunt. She bounced back and forth from being very attentive, to whispering to me about wanting to find a big egg. I kept quietly telling her it was almost time, and she took my hand to hold (well, more as a fidget-toy).

Finally with the sermon over she, and pretty much all the other kids, dashed out the doors to get outside. Behind the church was a bit of a park with lots of trees and bushes. The adults tried their darnedest to like, make an official start to things and give kids directions and stuff. But no. The programs had been executed. The egg hunt wa son.

I had the job of basket-holder and I also had to master the skill of keeping in pace with Lolly (or else she would just be dragging me by the hand) but also not stepping all over her when she turned or stopped on a dime. I was actually starting to feel my heel worry a hole in her sock, sine it was a little too small for me to actually wear.

"Big Egg, Big Egg, Big Egg!" She kept muttered, even while finding and plopping smaller eggs into the basket along the way.

"I think we're getting a little too far into the woods," I remarked. "I don't even know if there is a bigegg."

"There's gotta be! But Big Egg is for Big Kids, and only Big Kids can go out this far. You're Big Kids, is why I brought you! So's I can go out here and get Big Egg!"

"Oh is that all I'm good for?" I teased. "Uhf!"

She stopped suddenly. I sorta a ran into her, but thanks to being light on my feet I backpeddaled quick so it was a small bump. She took a step from momentum but she didn't stumble or fall.

"You okay?" I asked. But she was still, facing away from me. She was kind of looking off in the distance, or at least it looked like. I tried to follow her gaze. "Did you find it?"

Suddenly, she pivoted about and wrapped her arms around me, sniffling against my tummy. "Sorry," she meekly murmured.

I patted her head and gently tugged on a pigtail. "It's all right, I'm just joshin'," I told her. "C'mon, let's find the Big Egg." Of course. I still wasn't quite sure what she wa son about. I fully expected that, in about a half hour, I was going to have to console a sad skoonkenette when there was no Big Egg to begin wi—

"Uhf," I bumped into her again. "What's wrong now?"

I followed her gaze again. And there, sitting at the base of a tree.

There it was.

The squeal of delight and sudden lurch and shift of all my inner-organs as she yanked me behind is not what got me so startled. The only thing I could as she reached for that big, golden, glowing, medicine-ball of an Egg was:

I do not wanna meet that Goose...


My Easter pic this year, done by the wonderful nimfaeya, thank you very much! Please be sure to check out the other posts as well:


Lolly is ButterscotchLollipop
Lemmy is me

Happy Easter!


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