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A Visit To Gentle Ouly's Meadow by LemmyNiscuit

A Visit To Gentle Ouly's Meadow


Birthday gift for my wonderful friend, PSI, done by the sweet OtoriGin, thank you very much! Please be sure to check out their posts as well:


Ann is owned by PSI
Mrs. Oulryk is owned by me


There is a place at Lonely Oak Elementary, in the school's courtyard, different from any other place in the world. There is an iron fence that has no gate; just an open way. The fence surrounds a modest square of land, nestled in the corner outside of where the library joins the first-grade hallway. A garden-stone path marks the entrance of the fence, and on either side of the path are garden plots, where flowers are always blooming.

Gentle Ouly's Meadow.


A birthday gift for my wonderful friend, PSI, who helped illustrate not only my fursona, but also many of the characters from my story series, Year of the Raspberry. OtoriGin was kind enough to help design Mrs. Oulryk, the head counselor at Lonely Oak Elementary.

Ann enjoys a cup of tea with Mrs. Oulryk, who treats her and every other boy and girl like her own grand-children. They are in The House Of Open Minds, Mrs. Oulryk's "office," where everyone knows they can talk about their feelings, good and bad, safely and comfortably.

Whenever you want or need, you are always welcome to pay a visit to Gentle Ouly's Meadow.


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