Bounce With Me by LemmyNiscuit

Bounce With Me


10 August 2020 at 17:09:02 MDT

Done by the very sweet and kind OopsyDaisy, thank you very much! I've been wanting a commission for quite a while since getting my fursona, and it's a real treat to see me in their style :3 Be sure to check out their post as well:


Lucky is OopsyDaisy
Lemmy is me


I invited Lucky over to jump on my new trampoline! I look for almost any excuse I can to jump on it, especially when my bro and sis are over at their friends' houses. It's just kinda boring jumping alone, ya know?

She was really nervous at first, but I showed her how easy it was to jump and do simple things like twirl and cannon-ball. We spent quite a whlie bouncing and playing imaginary games.

I had been practicing some more advanced stuff like flips and even handstand-bouncing. I started doing those tricks as she got more confident in bouncing.

I guess I got a little too enthusiastic, as I did a big jump--but right once she hit the mat. She was kinda close to me, and my bounce actually added to her bounce. She went super high, up into the air, and even started doing a flip!

Kinda. . .

She got halfway. . .

It's a good thing cats always land on their feet, right?


No wait, not on me, notonme!!!


. . .Well, there weren't any broken bones, at least x.x;

We exchanged sorries after the little accident. We started to jump again, but the way her knees were tense and how she was keeping her distance from me, gave me the feeling she was a little spooked.

"Hey, I'm gettin' a little winded," I remarked. "Why don't we go in, grab some cold root-beers, and play some videogames?"

"Sure!" She agreed, "I'm gettin' kinda tired, too."

We scurried off back inside and played some nice, safe, Mario Party.


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