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Happy 10th Raspberry Anniversary by LemmyNiscuit

Happy 10th Raspberry Anniversary


Well toast my Pop-Tarts and remind me to obey First Rule.

That's right. Today marks the 10th Anniversary of when I first posted Chapter 1 of Raspberry Line.

This anniversary is quite a big milestone for an on-going story (yes, it's still on-going). To help me celebrate, I commissioned my friend, your fellow reader, and wonderful artist, PSI, for a little anniversary picture!

A lot has happened in these 10 years of writing this little story. My family has added new members... And lost a few as well. I've made many great friendships... But other great ones have fizzled out.

I've changed quite a lot, too. And I'm sure, so have you.

Long ago, in my head, I got this idea. There's a girl at a lake, flying a kite, but loses it in the water. A boy seeing she needs help goes to get it. They become friends, and eventually lovers.

Obviously, this isn't what wound up happening in the end. Heck, nothing I initially thought wound up happening. Something just took over once I started writing, and new ideas started sprouting and growing.

It's... A little sad, to be honest. The "sprouting" of ideas has been fewer and farther between. As I continue to write and fill in the gaps, some little kernels still pop, but it's mostly all thought-through. Recall that the ending has been written since maybe as early as 2012.

But, fo rnow, I continue to do as I always have. Take my time writing as much as I can behind the scenes until I feel I have enough to start posting while writing. Still tough cuz life's a B, but it's getting there.

Welcome to the new readers. And to the old. Well, a "thank you" feels a little miniscule. Maybe take a trip to Gentle Ouly's Meadow. Remember, you need only ring the bell once.

Higher-quality version on InkBunny.