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A Raspberry Wedding by LemmyNiscuit

A Raspberry Wedding


Lyza: "Do you, Ket, take Emmy to be your awfully-wedded wife; to have and to hold 'till death do you part?"

Ket: "I--"

Kval: "Psst... Sis, it's 'lawfully-wedded.'"

Lyza: "Shh! Ruining the moment! Besides, no it's not."

Kval: "O--Okay, but... Why is it 'awful,' then? That doesn't sound very nice..."

Lyza: "Awf--No! You, dodo! Not 'awful,' awwwful, like: 'Aww, look at the cute newlyweds!'"

Ket & Emmy: Blushing to death

By my wonderful friend, PSI Be sure to extend your appreciation to them as well:


Someone I know has recently gotten married! So... That got me thinkin', and this popped into my head. I ADHD'd a little, convinced PSI to take a break on another thing we're working on to do this. Wasn't hard, this was too adorable to resist!

This is a non-canon "fantasy" picture, since it's not based off of anything from the story (but it's in all of our head-canons, right?). Maybe it's one of those little scenes that pops into Emmy's head when she's day-dreaming, or having trouble sleeping.

They used what they had to make it work: their nicest clothes, some ring-pops they got from the store. Stood in front of a nice window looking out into the back yard to make a stage. Unfortunately, Ket kinda had this sprung on him a bit too quickly, and he usually gets grumpy about having to dress really formal and look really nice. But, he tried his darnedest for this one.

I focused mostly on the characters and their little details, and the background was actually all PSI, and they made it look really nice and fancy! It looks like Lyza's home, given the hardwoood floor.

If you like this picture, please consider reading the story that it is loosely based off of. The beginning of the story can be found here.