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The Sherbet Dress by LemmyNiscuit

The Sherbet Dress


By my wonderful friend, PSI Be sure to extend your appreciation to them as well:


This is, at a basic level, concept-art for the dress that appears in Lonely Oak Chapter 64.

But holy moly is this ever so adorable! And, as we creators sometimes do, PSI put in quite a bit more detail and this wound up turning into a beautiful picture in its own right.

I absolutely love this picture, it's all kindsa cute'n'pretty!

Might be an odd impression of Emmy since this is really the only dress she wears in the story. Usually she's in a tee and jeans or shorts, and the occasional skirt, but boy does she look stunning in this dress. As she should!

If you re-read this chapter right now (as of the posting of this picture) you might see that the dress depicted in htis picture is fairly different from what's described, especially with regard to the ribbons. Well, this is because after re-reading that description in preparation for this, I determined it was maybe a bit too complex / intricate, so I looked at various references and designs for dresses, and twaeked the details a little, and this is the result. I will be updating the description in th estory, hopefully very soon, to match up with this new design.

If you like this picture, please consider reading the story it comes from. The beginning of the story can be found here.

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