Squee the Funk Sculpture by Leilia

Squee the Funk Sculpture


23 February 2014 at 15:22:58 MST

Say hello to Squee, the adorable little creature called a Funk! This was another commission for the wonderful Joseph Lallo( http://www.bookofdeacon.com/ ), this time it is of a character from his science fiction series.

I had so much fun with this piece. I really tried to put some of my own style into this sculpture, and I played around with trying a more expressive face as well!

Squee measures somewhere around 3.5-4in tall. She was sculpted from Super Sculpey/Sculpey Firm over a wire and foil armature, painted with acrylic paints, and sealed with a matte finish.

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    This turned out great! I love the little sculpted fur details and the expression is great. The shiny eyes and red nails are a nice touch too.

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      Thank you so much! The eyes look even neater in person, they have kind of a metallic sheen to them. :)

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    Ohh how cute! Those earrings look super awesome! o:

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      Thank you! :D I had fun with the earrings!

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    This turned out super cute! I really like his expression and the stylised fur on his tail, and the pose overall. Just really well made!

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      Thanks so much! I've struggled a lot with sculpting more "cartoony" looking fur, so I was really happy with how the tail fur came out on this piece. :D