Official Service Doge by LeeLee

Official Service Doge


22 November 2014 at 11:23:56 MST

I can't thank ENOUGH for this. She got Raphael my service dog an official vest. (I couldn't/can't afford one because I don't have the funds)
The best Christmas gift!

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    What a cutie <3

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    What tasks is your service dog trained to do? Just letting you know that, despite how helpful a vest is, it doesn't make a service dog anymore 'official'. Being able to carry out tasks for a disabled handler makes it official.

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      He's an alert dog. I'm well aware what is / isn't a service dog.
      He fetches my pills
      He fetches help
      He snaps me out of panic attacks
      his NEW tasks are going to be
      keeping closer to my body and comforting me around large crowds

      (I've actually been harassed a LOT because of him. People see his tiny size and that I have all my limbs they question his "service" demand to see "official documents" and bully me into submission etc. which according to the ADA is a federal law and illegal to do so)

      thank you for your concern. I see from your icon you have a little helper too, may I ask what they do n u n

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        Gah, sorry to be one of those people. I'm on the tiny dog not authentic train too.

        Velouria is a Psychiatric/Med Response SDit.
        She on her own untrained does: Disrupt Night Terrors, Intervene Panic Attacks, and Alert Anxiety.
        She is trained for: DPT, LPT, Grounding.
        She is training for: Medicine retrieval, Alerting for assistance, 'false alerting' to leave a potentially triggering situation, Reality check and Cover me.

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          Oh very nice! I don't understand all those terms like
          I'm VERY new to all of this my ex roommate who took care of special needs children and my fiancé both suggested I get a service dog for my chronic panic attack fits, PTSD (no I didn't serve) depression, intestinal problems which triggers all of the above. Both of them have trained dogs in the regular manor but have also helped with his training. I can't afford a real trainer so it's just been me and my fiancé doing it and pretty much tailoring him to my needs.
          I have some very bad submission problems so I'm still uneasy with "making a dog do things for me" I tend to think "but what if he's not happy or doesn't want to I feel so bad" my fiancé has been working with me on that a lot. I'm also easily bullied and apologize for my "handicap" inconveniencing others. I have a long way to go and learn. Since I have the angoraphobia I should probably have him do the "fake alert" because I don't know how to say no or walk away.

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            SDit- Service Dog In Training
            DPT- Deep Pressue Therapy
            LPT- Light Pressure Therapy.

            I have C-PTSD, so I know what you mean. As far as the dog being unhappy, most dogs love to work and do things. You're not making him carry your weight. It's keeping him mentally and physically active, and that's all good as oppose to rotting on a couch like a lot of pet owners do. You're also not necessarily making a dog do things for you, you're a team, so you're both working together.