3D Prints - Characters and Originals 1 by LeccathuFurvicael

3D Prints - Characters and Originals 1


20 March 2015 at 19:46:08 MDT

Now, these models are all printed with my Lulzbot Mini printer. All of these models are from 3 inches to 6 inches in length with plain black PLA plastic. From left to right:

R-Eventide - creature designed by R-Eventide: A fun bust model I pulled together one evening, and then decided to print for the heck of it. So happy with the smoothness of the model, but the bottom edges of the 'ears' need smoothing somehow - it's a lot tougher than it looks to smooth rough edges!

Morghus - creature designed by Morghus: A commissioned model that I decided to print to see how such delicate membranes would fare. They're really rough, but the detail in the fin rays are still there, so perhaps printing in a different orientation will help with that. Also, HOLY CRAP the detail preservation! I'm in love!

Rocktopus/'Kraken The Dragon' - original, with Rocktopus from Lulzbot: The most complicated print I've done so far, and just a teeny bit too tall for my printer's print volume of 6 inches (the top of the hammer got cut off as a result). The mouth is ragged, and one tentacle is perilously close to disintegrating, but this is a worthy test of skill indeed! Took over 25 non-stop hours to print! Very proud of the detail in this.

Male Romanian Three-Tail - original: Finally, something I might be able to sell en masse without worrying about copyright! I modified the posture on this guy, so now he's a bit more organic, and I'm very happy with his muscle definition. Mmmm, meaty. <3

Plated Typheron - original: Another dragon I can sell en masse. This guy is currently being attached to a plaque-like base so he can be attached to a wall or other vertical surface, so please ignore the green painter's tape to keep it from falling apart as the glue sets. Great as wall art! REALLY happy with those horns and the surface detail!

I'm unsure of selling the prints of R-Eventide and Morghus, as they are all other peoples' designs, so I will be sure to ask them before I offer these for sale. I really love how they came out, though. In the meantime, enjoy!

Morghus, Rocktopus, and R-Eventide © their respective owners
Art by and copyright © 2014-2015 Stephanie Dziezyk

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