Irritable Much? by LeccathuFurvicael

Irritable Much?


20 November 2014 at 21:21:22 MST

It's been a low-breaking-point sort of day today, oversensitive to external input. I just couldn't take all the noises and directionless running commentary from my friends that I was coming against today, combined with frustration at not completing a pet portrait at the rate that I was anticipating I would. I just couldn't take it anymore, and had to draw something for myself.

I have to say that I feel, thankfully, much better because of it, and I'm actually happy with the expression! : D A rarity for me! I haven't drawn myself too often, and I come back with my typical flair - being a grumpy-ass dragon. XP

Leccathu Fürvicael, Romanian Three-Tail species, and art by/copyright © 2014 S. Dziezyk. digital drawing sketch doodle dragon western romanian three tail female angry irritable irritated oversensitive sensory saturation frustrated vent art overload


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    makes one wanna grit teeth as well when looking over it
    good thing that the emotion went into the paper for you :J

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      Thank you! I was extremely lucky - I think if it hadn't, I would have been even more frustrated! : )