Aliens, Dogs, and Cleft Palates by LeccathuFurvicael

Aliens, Dogs, and Cleft Palates


10 September 2014 at 16:17:10 MDT

I haven't been too terribly productive lately in terms of art, but I've been making sure that I do a few sketches every other day or so, no matter how crappy they are. Add into it the new little sketchbook I received a few weeks ago, and I've decided to dedicate it to patently non-dragon subjects.

So, here you have an alien heavily inspired by the Ethereal from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, some Binding of Isaac fanart featuring one of the first bosses I was exposed to that truly made me realize I wasn't in Kansas anymore (I love you, Monstro ^^), and sketches of the dogs I'm currently pet-sitting. I swear, I have to gush about that game at some point - I mean, 156 hours played within the span of a year?? That really has to say something about how much I love it.

Also, it's gonna be fun trying to explain that pit in the cherry tart, so to speak. Dog, dog, alien, dog, dog....decapitated cleft palate monster baby head....???

The Binding of Isaac © copyright Edmumd McMillan and Florian Himsl
Art by and © copyright 2014 Stephanie Dziezyk traditional drawing pencil sketch doodle alien XCOM Ethereal Enemy Unknown Binding of Isaac Monstro fanart dog life gesture feet paws couch

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